21 Jan 2013

Exciting News!

So later this month is expected to be an exciting time and I can now finally reveal what I have been bursting to blog about/talk about/share with you for what seems like forever!!! 

(Warning: lots and lots of exclamations marks in this post!) 
I entered and took part in Fashion One's search for the next 
'Fashion Correspondent'
 last summer and it really was one the greatest experiences of 2012 and probably...my life! (dramatic much, Becks?) 

As you can probably see from the trailer, I'm the chick with the red hair....
The Show's Judges are as follows: presenter Antonia O'Brien, the pop-cuture master extraordinaire Nik Thakker and fashion designer Fam Irvoll.

I can't go into too much detail at this point for obvious reasons but can only hope that you will be tuning in to watch when it airs.

Want to read more about it? click here: 

January 29th at 9pm in UK on 

 (and will also be available online) and at 10.30pm in other parts of Europe.


x Rebecca 

P.S Sorry for spending a whole post just blatantly plugging myself!


  1. OMG NO WAY!!! This is so exciting and from what I've seen of the other girls you deserve the job WAY more...not that I'm biased or anything ;)
    I'll definitely be tuning in! Well done lovely xx

    1. Thanks sweetie! it was SOOOO MUCH FUN! would love to do it ALL OVER AGAIN. I wanna tell you more but it's a surprise! xxxx

  2. wow...what a great opportunity..I'll be tuning in to. Fingers crossed

    1. thanks hun!!!!! let me know after you've seen it air! xxx

  3. Great post dear <3 Your blog is amazing!
    Love, Anna


  4. wow its super awesome news! congrats <3

  5. i keep my fingers crossed for you, but for me you are the most unique and special one;)

    1. awwwww you sweet sweet girl! thats what my mum's been saying! hahaha xxxxxx thank you


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