19 Jan 2013

Red bows in the snow

Dress- Vintage Coat- River Island Boots- Vintage Satchel- Camden Market
So the snow has hit England big time overnight! It's ridiculous how as a country we're  never really prepared for it; we have a few hours of snow and the news call it "The 18 Hour MEGABLIZZARD!" and everything comes to a standstill! Trains are delayed, roads are closed, and nothing works properly...but on the bright side I am loving the brilliant photos I've seen from fellow fashion bloggers!
Instagram goes crazy with beautiful snowy photos; I for one am guilty for this (it's got to be done hasn't it?)! As a blogger I am always grateful for an interesting backdrop to my outfits; I love the way snow blankets the mundane and renders it beautiful.  I picked this dress up from the last  

If you live near Kent I highly recommend going; it's always a must in my diary. Come to think of it, the next one is SOON! eeeek! Can't wait!!  I always- and I mean ALWAYS- find something amazing whenever I go. The quality of stalls there is fantastic, the cakes are great and there's always a group of retro 40's singers singing along while you shop....what more could you want from a vintage fair?!

Is it snowing where you are? Have fun in the snow all!!

x Rebecca 


  1. oh wow another gorgeous cinnamon girl;) i so adore that red and blue combo, you look like you stepped out from a beautiful fashion fairytale!

    1. Dearest Mary Lou,

      Thank you! blue and red combo is always a winner especially with red/ginger hair!

      hoping you're well! xxxxx

  2. Simply stunning :) I love the dress, and the photographs are beautiful. Awesome!! <3 xx


  3. Oh my, I love winter & snow so much <3 Your blue dress looks amazing ! And you look just stunning, love this look, totally.

    1. Dearest Katie,

      Thanks so much! i'm loving your looks too on instagram! is it snowing where you are? xxx rebecca

  4. You look gorgeous! I love the red and blue together and your hair makes it pop that much more!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog. I'd love it if you stopped by!

    1. awww! wow! thanks sidney! i shall check it out now!! xxxxxx


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