8 Jan 2013

Roses are red

Already a week into 2013 and it's feeling completely different. A chance to start again, get excited about what this year may bring and the beginning of all things new. I have a brand new diary (Christmas gift from Jon) to fill with my deepest thoughts, dreams and goals for my year, just like I do every year.
Do you keep a diary? I have kept a written diary every year since 2009 and I highly recommend it. Yes, there are times when I'm extremely busy and don't write anything for ages, then when I've had a brain wave or an exciting memory I jot it down. Or it might be I'll print out a load of recent Instagram shots and stick them in. 
I love looking back through them sometimes and laughing at some of the crazy things that have happened; it's wonderfully nostalgic and can be incredibly therapeutic.
The dress I'm wearing today is from ASOS.  I have had it for such a long time and it always gets compliments whenever I wear it. It's unusual shape, the stunning colours and floatiness makes it a wardrobe favourite of mine with boots in the autumn/winter time.
I will always remember this day as the day Jon and I went for a drive to find somewhere exciting to shoot this outfit....drove for miles...no where inspirational...bleak, wet, horrible scenery and ended up driving back home and shooting literately across the road from where we live! Typical! hahah


  1. Hey Rebecca,
    You going Monica's Vintage Fair in March? I might sell the jumper there. Still deciding hehe xxx

    1. I am most definitely am! I love the Monica's vintage fair! and looking forward to seeing your stand and what goodies you have on offer!!! xxxx

  2. I love the entire outfit Rebecca! I also love the scenery :D

  3. So beautiful! Love these pictures and I've always loved that poem too. :)


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