27 Jan 2013

Stitch 'n' bitch

As lots of you know one of my goals for 2013 was to start making my own clothes. I've made shopper bags and pillows in the past but I really wanted to get serious and create my own clothing. Almost as if she knew, my darling sister Amber blessed me with the gift of her machine and sewing kit for Christmas. 
This post is all thanks to her; she gave me the boost I needed; she inspired me to try my hand at making my own clothes; even the title 'stich n' bitch' was Amber's idea!
Armed with a box of goodies and a machine I set to work...but where to start?  As it turns out, making clothes is a lot more complicated than you'd think.  I realised I wouldn't be able to blag and muddle my way through, so I went to John Lewis, looked through the paper patterns and decided that a skirt was most 
likely the easiest thing I could start off with.
 Upon opening up the paper pattern I was extremely excited and couldn't wait to get started....little did I know it would be a while 'til I could actually get snipping and stitching.
I did have to read through the instructions several times until I actually understood what was going on, what meant what and which went where and why!
I had resigned myself to failure for my first attempt and so chose a simple little print of buttons for my skirt (I didn't want to spend a fortune on a fabric only to go and ruin it!), but once I got the hang of it Ioved it!  Gradually watching the pieces come intricately together to make a whole, the sound of the machine humming rhythmically in the background...it was almost hypnotic and so much fun! 

So after several hours- and I mean hours and hours- I finally finished my skirt.  I am so proud of it! It really is such an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment! I am so so so thrilled and cannot recommend to you enough that you make your own clothes.
This really is the beginning of something exciting and new for me and I am HOOKED! I cannot wait to make more!
TA DA! and here it is! my beautiful button skirt!!!
made by me!!!!!


  1. wow this skirt is wonderful! it's so amazing that you can sew <3

  2. what an awesome post :)
    I love it!


    1. thanks girls! i love your blog btw!!! how u make ur own stuff too!! xxx


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