4 Jan 2013

The Velveteen Kitten

This is a tale of the Velveteen Kitten who by day liked to roam the streets and gaze longingly at the sea. She would drink Chinese jasmine tea and purr fondly at the moon. The Velveteen Kitten is a playful creature who loves the colour red and the texture of soft velvet brushing gently on her skin.
I cannot express how much I am in love with the dress! It is PURRRRRRFECT! Did I just do a cat-ism? Oh yes I did! (let's see how many I can squeeze in today?) As soon as I saw this crazy-cat dress on Romwe I just knew I had to have it. I must say I am love love lovin' Romwe! Their clothing is so up my street and quickly becoming my favourite place to shop. Coming all the way from America it took a while to come but it was well worth the wait.
As lots of you know I planned on getting a velvet dress this winter but never found one I truly loved. I actually let out a squeal of sheer delight when I opened it the other morning! Holding my breath to see if it lived up to my excitement and catspectations....and it did!
Jon has a tendency to fire away taking snaps when I'm not ready... underneath this laughing kitten was a hideous shot of my face but it seemed a shame to waste so here's a picture of me pawsing for thought!

Have a lovely day!

x lots of love Rebecca x

Below is a shot of me and the lovely Vicky at work the other day 


  1. I wouldn't dare wear that dress (for fear of mockery from my band-mates haha) but you totally rocked it! Not too crazy and not too boring either - you styled it well. Your hair color pops with that dress too which makes the whole ensemble even better :)

    1. Ha ha Thanks Sidney! what kinda band do you play in? I love a bit of fun with my clothes!! thanks so much for stopping by! xxxxxx


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