24 Feb 2013

The fantastic, the chic, the bonkers and the beautiful....

Street Style at London Fashion Week has always been a talking point in the fashion world. Susie Menkes was recently quoted in her article 'The Circus of Fashion' stating, "There is a genuine difference between the stylish and the showoffs " at Fashion Week and she's completely right: the spectrum ranges from the effortlessly and naturally stylish to the completely ridiculous. I am all for people who push the boundaries of style and fashion- whom I look on with nothing but complete admiration and praise- and I am the first to admit it's all down to person taste.

One of the things I love most about Fashion Week is it's probably the only time and place where anything goes (fashion-wise at least!) and staring is not only acceptable but in fact mandatory. 

Here's just a handful of people I managed to snap on my travels that day. 

The fantastic, the chic, the bonkers and the beautiful. 

What are your favourites?

Stella from Stella's Wardrobe
I love her blog and her varied sense of style.  This peach emsemble with metallic clutch is a chic outfit but keeping with casual with a wooly beanie.
I saw her necklace before I saw her.....brilliant!

The hunny that is Olivia Purvis from
What Olivia Did
another favourite blog of mine, I had a lovely chat with her and she was so lovely!
fab outfit hun!

My gorgeous pal Rhiannon, fell in with the boutique coat she was wearing.
The beautiful Kavita from SHE WEARS FASHION
who always looks fantastic and her neon yellow beanie and clear clutch is so cool!

Pandemonia love her hate her....say what you will she...but there's no denying this girl/guy has the finest pins around.

21 Feb 2013

What I wore to London Fashion Week

Photo C/O Rhiannon Duffin from Life'n'Style 

 I cannot believe how long ago it's been since London Fashion Week! I was only there for the one day...I was working all weekend so I had to squeeze as many shows as I could into one day. Ever since then I've been jam-packed-super-fantastic-busy so blogging posts have been more delayed that I hoped. This being only the second time I have ever attended Fashion Week (the first- I can finally reveal- was when I made the final for the Fashion One Correspondent Search competition woop!! More on that another day!).  So I kind of knew what to expect this time around and (shoe-wise!) what to wear.
Photo C/O Glass of Fashion
Dress- Vintage from Monica's Vintage Fair
Satchel- Camden Market
Foolishly for last September at LFW I wore heels, and given Somerset House is one big cobblestone it did not go down well and my feet and I learnt a lesson: I was running around with a camera crew all day and night and I spent most of the day struggling to keep my balance! I must say that a fair majority of girls do rock up in heels...and, you know what, fair play to them but I couldn't bring myself to do it again!
As graceful and elegant as I try to appear I'm one of those girls who does in fact fall over from time to time, I am rather clumsy and have fallen over in public on numerous occasions, most notably on a busy street **coughs London Bridge** In front of a load of people (who kindly helped me up...which is maybe worse?)

Did I mention that when I did fall over by London Bridge I ripped my tights? cut my knee, started to bleed and started to cry?....oh god Rebecca honestly! Stop the story right there! We've heard enough! I think ripping my tights was bad enough but the tears?....really?...I have no idea why I cried really!?
Princess plaits for the day got a got a lot of loving.
Photos C/O So Feminine
So armed with my new camera the Canon EOS M (which is brilliant so far and I love it) I was ready to cover Fashion Week....my way. I took over 500 photos which I am currently still sifting through! Which will be coming your way very soon.

I made some lovely new friends while waiting in the queue for shows...you've got to love fellow bloggers, mostly lovely girlies in the same boat, giving each other advice on what ISO setting to use for the next show, swapping business cards, gossipping and guessing together which shows you might blag your way into!
Photo C/O Racquel Stewart from Catwalk to Curb

20 Feb 2013

London Fashion Week AW13 ZOE JORDAN

Fashion week kicked off with a bang with 
Zoe Jordan delighting us with what to expect in her AW13 collection. 
What was really interesting to see was that every item designed was completely wearable.
The amount of shows I've gone to and said to myself "wow I love that!" 
but deep down asked myself when the next ball was that I was actually invited to...ummm never!
With that in mind Jordans collection has given a lot to consider when wrapping up next Autumn/ Winter. Over sized wool jackets with a flash of colour underneath.
Who was on Front row? 
The celebrity turn outs for Zoe Jordan were 
Jaime Winstone, Diana Vickers and Dionne Bromfield and Brix Smith.
What was it all about?
Bold shapes and clean lines.
Boyfriend suit jackets with skinny fitting leggings, silk blouses, wool jackets with contrasting colours of amber and pink popping out.

All photographs taken by Rebecca Tan 2013. 

9 Feb 2013

Adventures of a woodland fairy

Friday was one of those days when the sun peeped out of the clouds and gave all the local woodland fairies a chance to come out and play. 
While this secret fairy was on her jog earlier that morning she ran past this lovely little woodland, an enchanted grove of tree stumps and ivy where the sunlight peeps through the trees. 
Her beating heart knew at once that this place was magical and she would have to return that very day.
But alas she journeyed back to the woodland later that afternoon
and found it was different to how she remembered. 
Traipsing through fields of mud and soil would be enough to dampen her spirits
 let alone her dainty shoes.
With streaks of mud to her ankles the fairy knew she must go on.
 When she arrived to the woodland all at once the place was silent but for the sounds of the trees swaying to and fro in the whistling wind.
With tree stumps all around she laid her pretty little pumps down to rest.
At last the woodland fairy was alone and she could finally spread her magical wings.
 Wearing nothing but an 80's vintage jumpsuit she was free to roam around and play.
Her precious time in the woodland was nearing its end and soon she would have to 
face the fields of mud and muck once more.
So she fluttered her wings once more until the sun shone streaks of gold through the trees and lit her way home.
Jumpsuit- Little Red Vintage

5 Feb 2013


Let's all take a moment and marvel in the beauty that is Edward Scissorhands the movie. If you've never seen it...well shame on you! And...where the heck have you been? ha ha! In my opinion it's one of Tim Burtons finest movies; the cinematography is really quite wonderful and the music (by the talented Danny Elfman) is stunning throughout.
I have had this t-shirt for well over 6 years and it's one I will never throw away. Ever. I bought it years ago in America and my big sister bought a matching one too. 
I have never seen one the same ever since. 
Funnily enough while editing photos for today's post I decided to put the DVD on in the background....
you know to get the creative blogging juices flowing.

If i'm brutally honest I havent watched it ever since I bought it ages and ages ago. Purely because I get ridiculously emotional and cry like a baby at the end...
Yep.....that bit right there gets me going good....WAAAAA!!! 

There are some movies which we all love deep down but are very reluctant to put on at the risk of crying uncontrollably, or feeling a tad depressed afterwards. For me it's The Notebook, American Beauty, The Virgin Suicides and Moulin Rouge. Such great, great films, all of which I have on DVD but can very rarely watch as they depress the shit out me afterwards!...ha ha!
what can I say I love a happy ending?

I was extremely lucky for Edward to stop and hang out with yours truly in Kent.
We decided on a houseswap....
Look how lovingly he looks at me in this one....ah Edward I'll let you cut my hair and sculpt ice sculptures in my back garden anytime! x

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