9 Feb 2013

Adventures of a woodland fairy

Friday was one of those days when the sun peeped out of the clouds and gave all the local woodland fairies a chance to come out and play. 
While this secret fairy was on her jog earlier that morning she ran past this lovely little woodland, an enchanted grove of tree stumps and ivy where the sunlight peeps through the trees. 
Her beating heart knew at once that this place was magical and she would have to return that very day.
But alas she journeyed back to the woodland later that afternoon
and found it was different to how she remembered. 
Traipsing through fields of mud and soil would be enough to dampen her spirits
 let alone her dainty shoes.
With streaks of mud to her ankles the fairy knew she must go on.
 When she arrived to the woodland all at once the place was silent but for the sounds of the trees swaying to and fro in the whistling wind.
With tree stumps all around she laid her pretty little pumps down to rest.
At last the woodland fairy was alone and she could finally spread her magical wings.
 Wearing nothing but an 80's vintage jumpsuit she was free to roam around and play.
Her precious time in the woodland was nearing its end and soon she would have to 
face the fields of mud and muck once more.
So she fluttered her wings once more until the sun shone streaks of gold through the trees and lit her way home.
Jumpsuit- Little Red Vintage


  1. Omg that mud lol. You are hardcore ;-)

    1. it was hooooooooorrendous.....I had an actual....seriously...what the hell are you doing?!?! moment! hahaha xxxx

  2. this wood looks amazing + you <3 like a dream!

    1. thanks Katie! was a magical morning!!! xxxxx

  3. nice ! :)

    would you like to follow each other?

  4. yikes, those white shoes look muddy :) Was lovely to meet you yesterday!

    Katie x


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