5 Feb 2013


Let's all take a moment and marvel in the beauty that is Edward Scissorhands the movie. If you've never seen it...well shame on you! And...where the heck have you been? ha ha! In my opinion it's one of Tim Burtons finest movies; the cinematography is really quite wonderful and the music (by the talented Danny Elfman) is stunning throughout.
I have had this t-shirt for well over 6 years and it's one I will never throw away. Ever. I bought it years ago in America and my big sister bought a matching one too. 
I have never seen one the same ever since. 
Funnily enough while editing photos for today's post I decided to put the DVD on in the background....
you know to get the creative blogging juices flowing.

If i'm brutally honest I havent watched it ever since I bought it ages and ages ago. Purely because I get ridiculously emotional and cry like a baby at the end...
Yep.....that bit right there gets me going good....WAAAAA!!! 

There are some movies which we all love deep down but are very reluctant to put on at the risk of crying uncontrollably, or feeling a tad depressed afterwards. For me it's The Notebook, American Beauty, The Virgin Suicides and Moulin Rouge. Such great, great films, all of which I have on DVD but can very rarely watch as they depress the shit out me afterwards!...ha ha!
what can I say I love a happy ending?

I was extremely lucky for Edward to stop and hang out with yours truly in Kent.
We decided on a houseswap....
Look how lovingly he looks at me in this one....ah Edward I'll let you cut my hair and sculpt ice sculptures in my back garden anytime! x


  1. HAHA! This post is a work of genius. Love the images. Never watched Virgin Suicides. But it's on my reading list. I never have time to read anything but uni texts :( xx

    1. Ha Thanks Melissa! really glad you enjoyed it! I enjoyed making this post! and thanks so much for following!! xxxx rebecca

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you the lovely Gia from http://lovelyserendipity.com/ did it! xxxx

  3. Edward Scissorhands is one of those films I can watch SO many times and never get bored of. Love your top and the way you styled it with a shirt underneath. xx


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