20 Feb 2013

London Fashion Week AW13 ZOE JORDAN

Fashion week kicked off with a bang with 
Zoe Jordan delighting us with what to expect in her AW13 collection. 
What was really interesting to see was that every item designed was completely wearable.
The amount of shows I've gone to and said to myself "wow I love that!" 
but deep down asked myself when the next ball was that I was actually invited to...ummm never!
With that in mind Jordans collection has given a lot to consider when wrapping up next Autumn/ Winter. Over sized wool jackets with a flash of colour underneath.
Who was on Front row? 
The celebrity turn outs for Zoe Jordan were 
Jaime Winstone, Diana Vickers and Dionne Bromfield and Brix Smith.
What was it all about?
Bold shapes and clean lines.
Boyfriend suit jackets with skinny fitting leggings, silk blouses, wool jackets with contrasting colours of amber and pink popping out.

All photographs taken by Rebecca Tan 2013. 


  1. Looks like a fab collection. I particularly love the pink trousers with checked coat look. Plus the moving images was a great idea :) Will you be posting about other shows you went to? xx

    1. thanks hun! yes will be posting about the shows I went to last week! I've just been so busy! haven't had a chance yet! hee he x


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