24 Feb 2013

The fantastic, the chic, the bonkers and the beautiful....

Street Style at London Fashion Week has always been a talking point in the fashion world. Susie Menkes was recently quoted in her article 'The Circus of Fashion' stating, "There is a genuine difference between the stylish and the showoffs " at Fashion Week and she's completely right: the spectrum ranges from the effortlessly and naturally stylish to the completely ridiculous. I am all for people who push the boundaries of style and fashion- whom I look on with nothing but complete admiration and praise- and I am the first to admit it's all down to person taste.

One of the things I love most about Fashion Week is it's probably the only time and place where anything goes (fashion-wise at least!) and staring is not only acceptable but in fact mandatory. 

Here's just a handful of people I managed to snap on my travels that day. 

The fantastic, the chic, the bonkers and the beautiful. 

What are your favourites?

Stella from Stella's Wardrobe
I love her blog and her varied sense of style.  This peach emsemble with metallic clutch is a chic outfit but keeping with casual with a wooly beanie.
I saw her necklace before I saw her.....brilliant!

The hunny that is Olivia Purvis from
What Olivia Did
another favourite blog of mine, I had a lovely chat with her and she was so lovely!
fab outfit hun!

My gorgeous pal Rhiannon, fell in with the boutique coat she was wearing.
The beautiful Kavita from SHE WEARS FASHION
who always looks fantastic and her neon yellow beanie and clear clutch is so cool!

Pandemonia love her hate her....say what you will she...but there's no denying this girl/guy has the finest pins around.


  1. this makes me feel like the most boring-ist dressed person ever...

    X X X

  2. I love Kavita's and Olivia's outfits. I also took Stella's picture when I was last at LFW and follow her blog religiously. Good pics sweetie xx

  3. Olivia's jacket, I literally need that in my life!! Also love the leopard print suit with lemon top, gorgeous. Hope you enjoyed your time at LFW! :) xx

  4. I love Street Style's photos <3 Lucky you that you could be there <3


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