28 Mar 2013

Stop and smell the flowers

Tuesday night I met with my girlfriends Jann and Hollie from University for the Royal Horticultural Society Spring Fair Late. I don't even know how Jann managed to find this random event, we had no idea to expect, but it was a truly fantastic night and we had an absolute riot!
The invitation said it was vintage inspired with 50's swing dancing, cocktails, candy floss etc so we rocked up naturally in a vintage get up. The girls looked stunning in dresses by Topshop and I wore a vintage dress that I haven't worn in over 4 years.
This blue vintage dress was probably one of the first proper vintage dresses I ever bought. It's from Ebay and I bought it for a wartime musical I was singing in at the time. It is one that has always been one of my favourites and one I will never sell or give away. 
It's in incredible condition that I hope to pass down to my daughter one day.
The hall was beautifully decorated with bunting and street lamps, the room was buzzing with swing music and lindy hoppers teaching people to dance at the back...which we of course joined in on!
The cocktails were made by two gorgeous little bars 'Midnight Apothecary' and 'The Gin Garden'. If you know me well you'll know that I am not a drinker...and only really drink once in a blue moon being intolerant to alcohol....(which by the way sucks!)
So on this occassion considering I haven't seen Jann in over 4 years and we were all dolled up....I thought why not? We all got rather merry after just 2 cocktails and a shot of gin.....what a state! (A shot of gin? yeah the bartenders treated us to some free cocktails and a shot!? nice!) 
The Rhubarberella cocktails were by far my favorite! they tasted d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! 

25 Mar 2013

Ruby Red

A few days ago we went down to Whitstable to visit one of mine and Jon's friends for dinner. I haven't been to Whitstable since last summer....and I really have missed it. It's one of my favourite seaside towns. No doubt this is the first of many outfit posts to be taken there this year.

I wore my new vintage dress and shoes from Monica's Vintage Fair which was perfect for the weather (which by the way was FREEZING!!) These shoes are quickly becoming one of my favourites; they seem to go with absolutely everything and they are ridiculously comfortable which is an added bonus!

Fell in love with this quaint little 'Ocean Cottage' over looking the sea.

kisses and cuddles with my lovely man x

21 Mar 2013

How to make your own Cath Kidston camera strap

I know how lots of us girls (especially blogger girls) treasure our digital SLRs. 
They are our pride and joy, our creative outlet, our little baby, our prized possession and our tool to document all the precious moments of life. 
I saved for forever for my newest little beauty, the Canon EOS M! I've only had it since February and I have fallen in love with it. It goes with me wherever I go...I've been practising my photography everyday....whether it's taking photos of food, my clothes or just random stuff on my bed! 

I had a look around the Internet and was amazed to see how much 'girlie' camera straps cost! £40 was the normal going rate in some places. While looking at most, I couldn't justify spending that much on a camera strap and I wasn't really impressed by the print or design. Then I had a moment of inspiration at work the other day. I purchased one of Cath Kidston's Lanyards (only £3), choosing the same matching print as my current business card holder,
the little rose print.

So here you go!
You're 10 minute camera strap tutorial easy peasy!......

18 Mar 2013

Blushing pink

I picked up the cutest cardigan at Monica's Vintage Fair which I completely forgot to mention. Perhaps I was in denial as to how much stuff I got?...Oops....It's all research; I am a fashion blogger after all!
As soon as I picked it up me and Gilly instantly went 'ouuuu' it's special in a rather 'granny-meets-Chanel' kinda way!
Woven with the most gorgeous shading of pink I haggled it down to a mere £18. The stall holder wanted far more but at that point I had already adopted 4 new dresses so I really 
had to put my foot down.

Did I show you my new ring? I picked up a few weeks ago and have worn it non-stop. Sometimes it's the stuff that is as cheap as chips that you end up loving to bits. It's from Miss Selfridge and I couldn't resist colour of it, which funnily enough matches my new cardigan beautifully.
 I've never been a ring wearer as I have horrendous scaring on my right hand but my 'lefty' hand is a better hand! Plus, it fits perfectly on my ring finger!

Now what I love about my Jonathan is how brutally honest he is about my fashion choices: as soon as I popped this on and expressed my new found love for yet another cardigan....(yes cardigans are not sexy, not cool, not trendy....but I'm a fan!) he said it reminded him of Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter!!!!

What? As in the crazy woman from Harry Potter?! 
Who has all those cat paintings and tortures our darling Harry?

Oh Jon surely not? Well I know what will happen now...
this will now forever be known as the 'Umbridge Cardigan' in our house, just like the 'Wizard of Oz Dress' before that and the 'Ballamory Cardigan' before that 
(Lots of my clothes he instantly associates with random things I'd never have thought of and he's spot on the majority of the time!)

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