1 Mar 2013

Fyodor Golan

I cannot believe how delayed my London Fashion week posts have been! What can I say? February came and went so quickly I became an Aunty for the first time, I did a serious amount of sewing, worked on TV selling sewing machines, did a bit of this and that...and now I can breathe! waaa!

Now I really shouldn't play favourites but my favourite shows on the Friday of LFW A/W 2013 had to Fyodor Golan. 

Beautifully presented at the Savoy which has always been one of my favourite venues at LFW. 

The collection was inspired from by Luis Bunuel’s 1967 film Belle De Jour. 

This design duo who are in fact also a couple create some of the most truly stunning pieces together. Their eye for detail, embroidery and signature style of detail and handwork never disappoints and visually takes your breath away. I had the pleasure with speaking with them both personally last year in their showroom and asked them casually what it was like to work with their boyfriend...because let's be honest...most people would end up killing each other! and they both in perfect unison smiled and said how great it was. 


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  1. you are so lucky you were there <3


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