5 Mar 2013

Little China Girl

Today finally feels like spring has finally sprung! In celebration of this The Cinnamon Slipper has a new blog layout....what are your thoughts? I figure since it's nearly Spring/summer a new look was needed. Todays post title is of course from David Bowies 80's classic Little China Girl.

So I'm onto what would now be my third item of clothing I've made this year and this time I decided to tackle the DRESS.  Skirts I've now mastered and since I wear dresses all the time I thought it was time I ventured onto what I really want to make. ... I took the plunge and bought some truly gorgeous fabric from a website I found called Fabric Inspirations.  Their range of fabrics is incredible and I fell in love with so many. At the time when I chose this fabric it was for Chinese New Year so I selected this adorable print.
 I didn't have a dress making dummy so I make-shifted one with some things I had lying around the house....pillows, another dress to fill it out and a chair....I am so resourceful! and you know what? It wasn't too bad!
 Armed with my new sewing machine which I AM IN LOVE WITH!....woop....seriously easy to use and incredibly modern and sleek in comparison to my old dinosaur of a machine.

 I did follow a pattern by BURDA for my dress which was horrendous....I would never by another dress making pattern from them again. The instructions were vague so I pretty much free-styled the majority of this dress!

And so here it is....my new dress in all it's glory and I am so proud of it. I got dozens and dozens of compliments when I wore it to work today and I did feel pretty smug when I told them I made it! wah! I know check me out! Wearin' my own clothes and ting!

Dress- Made by moi...The Cinnamon Slipper
Cardigan- Primark
Bag- Vintage
Belt- Camden Market
Shoes- Irregular Choice
slush puppie HEAVEN!!! waaa!!!!


  1. The new layout is fab! Which sewing machine is that? I'm looking for a new one myself but there's soooo many options and I don't have much money. I'm actually heading to the NEC later this month for a show called Fashion Embroidery & Stitch...hopefully will pick up some fabric bargains there!

    1. ouuuu fashion embrodiery and stich!!!....sounds like my kinda show! just went and worked at the 'make it' show in Farnborough.

      It's a decor sewing machine, got it for free while i'm working on the shopping channel! woop!


  2. Ni hao ma?
    hehe, love the fabric.
    Woo not long to go till the fair. I have soo much to do it's unreal, so lazy lol xxx

    1. I can't waaitttttt to see what goodies you have.....saving my pennies and I'm gonna go crazyyyyy!!! xxx

  3. AH we have the same taste! How brave of you for tackling on sewing... that's one of many goals on my to-do list, but I'm a little afraid. AND I HAVE BEEN DROOLING OVER THOSE SHOES ONLINE for SO long! Ahh! Also, I looove the new blog layout, makes me happy to think of spring on its way!!

    1. Hey hun! so glad you like the new layout! just re did my header! missed my old picture! so added it!

      sewing clothes was on my new years resolutions and seriously you should start!! I started with a simple elastic skirt and now i'm off and away!!!

  4. Is there any end to your talents Rebecca Tan?! I tried to make a dress last year and gave up, I was that impatient! Think I'd need to go to lessons :s Would feel amazing when people compliment your dress if you actually made it from scratch.
    Also, I love that Slush Puppy picture. THE coolest backdrop for an outfit post! xxx

    1. Dearest lou lou!,

      Don't give up!! I'm a total newbie! and just been reading books and getting aunties in law to show me and help with different techniques.....but you should do it once again! make a skirt! thats easy and so satisfying!!!! xxxx

  5. The shoes!! Amazing! Also, great job on the dress, I love the fabric :) xx

    1. Thanks! most comfortable shoes too!! xxx

  6. Great job!
    It's always so satisfying to wear something you made isn't it!


  7. how amazing is sewing own clothes!?
    you are so cute <3

    1. I'm so cute! Katie you are UBER CUTE!!! xxxxxx

  8. I love that dress, the fabric is amazing!!

    Happy year of the snake!



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