16 Mar 2013

Monica's Vintage Fair

So after weeks and weeks of saving my pennys, chatting about it with the girls at work and looking longingly at the date in my diary....Monica's Vintage Fair 
finally arrived and it did not disappoint!! 
It was a rainy Saturday morning and I cannot think of better way to spend it than doing a bit of indoor vintage shopping. 
Oh Hi Ken!
Now I have seen this mother and daughter duo on previous trips to the fair and they always look simply fabulous. Vintage perfection from head to toe.
Classic songs were sung by the fantastic wartime time singing trio 'The Three Belles' 
Who were so lovely too! Thanks girls for taking the time to strike a pose for me!
This is the lovely Dina who owns the stall 'Sundays Girl'. I have bought vintage clothing from her before and did again today! She also has a lovely blog too; check it out at Dina's Thoughts
Claire the organiser (the one who puts the 'Monica' in Monica's Vintage fair) getting her hair done.
Vintage Gucci anyone? Alas! Not in my size!
Jon's Mummy, Gilly bought this fabulous hat which I LOVE!!

So what did I buy? Well...

A beautiful pair of gorgeous (amazingly comfortable!) red heels; an early birthday gift from Brian and Gilly!

So these were my vintage finds and I just had to get them all! As you can see they are all super gorgeous and I cannot wait to wear them!


  1. That purple dress is such a nice colour.
    P.S can I nick that photo of me and the one of the whole hall showing how (crazily) busy it was please? will credit you obviously :)
    Today was such a good turn out, bring on June ;-) xxx

    1. Hey hun! of course you can!!!

      It was soooo busy! cannot wait for the next! xxx

  2. Fab pics of a fab day...!! I loved the little kiddies shoes too - brought back memories of my sister melting a pair on Mum and Dad's Rayburn!!! Boy, were we in trouble!!! Can't believe I missed Ken though!! I am holding A Gloriously Vintage Day Out at Mount Ephraim on May 12th - please find us on Facebook - better still, come and see us on the day...! xx Julia xx

    1. Ouuuu! that sounds fab Julia!! those kiddie shoes were too adorable if they had them in my size I would of got them there and then! xxx

  3. Ah I love living vicariously through you in this post! I want to go there so badly! Those candy apple red shoes are to DIE for! I think my favorite dress you got is the white and red one, but I can't wait to see them all on you! :)

    xox Sammi

    1. yeah white and red one is seriously special!! I picked it up and other women suddenly leap on the bandwagon and kept asking if I was going to have it?!!? waaa! leave me alone! i'm still pondering! tried it on last night and it's perfect! xxxx

  4. Such gorgeous finds!!! Those shoes are incredible, they are so beautiful and really look like they'd be comfortable to wear for hours on end. I loved the photos of the mother and daughter duo, so adorable!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog so that I could find yours :)

    1. Ok i'm not going to lie....I have just spent the last 40 mins or so and I have read every single blog post of yours....simply in love with your style girl! you're my latest vintage blog crush....and your photography is flawless! especially loved you swim suit post!! looked incredible.

      So incredibly flattered you have stopped by and left a lovely message!! xxxx

  5. This place is like a dream *_* I wish I could visit this one day!

  6. This looks like a fantastic vintage fair. Now I can't wait until a few weeks when I am going to one near me in Bath. Looks like you got some great stuff. Particularly love the red shoes and if they are really comfy that is definitely a bonus.

    1. they are ridiculously comfy!! ah bath!! my hometown is actually bristol?! is it a judy fair? x


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