15 Mar 2013

Spring in my step

So after a bizarre week of random snow in the middle of March?...
what's that about mother earth huh? 
Yesterday the sun finally came out amongst all the grey clouds melted all the snow away and 
gave me that *spring* feeling once again. 
I am so excited for *spring* and summer....
purely because my summer wardrobe is infinitely a lot cuter! 

I think that goes for pretty much every girl out there. 
I'm so excited for this summers trends and what they might be. 
So far it's looking like it's a flash back to the 90's, 
floral and feminine and floaty.

Me just getting my *spring* groove on in the forest....standard

This lovely yellow skirt is from River Island and actually belongs to my best friend Kayla! 
I have yet to give it back! (I promise I will when I see you in April! hee hee)
Teamed with my trusty straw boat hat which was from a garden centre of all places!  

You never know what fashion finds you can discover sometimes in the most unlikely places.

Hat- Garden Centre T-Shirt- Forever 21 Skirt- River Island Shoes- Office
Socks- Dorothy Perkins Bag-Vintage

This vintage bag I have had forever! It was the first ever vintage item I ever bought way back when I was a teenager and is still a trusty fashion friend.

Hoping it's sunny and fabulous wherever you are in the world!
x Rebecca 


  1. Amazing outfit! So lovely:)


    1. Hey Ira! thanks! I'll be sure to check your blog out! x

  2. How beautiful is this ensemble! I love that skirt, and that hat is swoon-worthy!!! Just lovely. I'm dying for the weather to warm up (it's currently snowing... sigh) so I can wear spring apparel... though the cold didn't stop me from wearing a skirt today!

    xox Sammi

    1. Thanks Sammi! totally loving that balloon dress of yours by NICHE! which because of you I am in love with their stuff the balloon dress and white fruit dress are on my hit list!!

      and today it's raining!?....whats going on with the weather?x

  3. Love that you got that pretty straw hat from a garden centre! The most unlikely place for a good fashion find. Bravo! Your friend's skirt is cute too and I love the photo of the hat and bag in the tree. xx

    1. thanks me too that's my fav one! getting used to my new camera and practising my skills x

  4. What a lovely colors ! I completelly fall in love with them yellow shorts ! So cute


  5. What a contrast to todays weather haha!
    Good seeing you today :) Thanks for buyingxxxx


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