8 Apr 2013

Allsorts of sorts

It's another 'Sew Happy' creation! If you want to see more sewing, click the 'Sew Happy' link in the menu bar at the top. As you know, I bought this amazingly cute fabric a few weeks back and have had my heart set on making it into a skirt ever since. After watching the new BBC series 'The Great British Sewing Bee' (amazing by the way),
I was inspired to bring my skirt to life et voila! Here it is:

Once again I used the same skirt pattern by Newlook- Simplicity which I highly recommend. I have used other patterns since ie: Burda and haven't been impressed with the instructions. Unless
you're extremely experienced with your sewing and have the confidence to freestyle with your project then by all means use Burda....I just know I won't be using it anytime soon in the future.

After sewing the two pieces together finish off the seams with an overlocking stitch or simply use pinking shears to prevent the stitches from un-ravelling in future. 

I wanted to make this dress more of a 50's style which suits my pear shaped body the best. 
So I actually lengthened the pattern and made the waist band a lot smaller so it sat a lot higher on my waist- accentuating the smallest part of my body.

T-shirt- Forever 21
Belt- Camden Market
Skirt- Homemade
Satchel- Camden Market
Shoes- Vintage


  1. Ahh I love it!!! I love that you included instructions too, since like I said before, I'd love to learn how to sew. What darling fabric. I have a shirt with an allsorts pattern from a few years ago, which I still love. I am the only person I know who actually LOVES licorice allsorts :) but I assume you do too, unless you just like the way they look (which I'd understand too!).

    xox Sammi

    1. I don't licqorice!! hahah how funny is that? I just love the way they look! x

  2. This is gorgeous I am very impressed. I adore the print and it looks great with red, adoring the shoes.

  3. This is my favourite piece of clothing you've made so far. Good thinking making it high-waisted and I love the sweetie print. xx

  4. what a lovely fabric <3 you always sew such lovely clothes ! <3

  5. The result is great, very original print!
    I´m following you now via GFC :)



  6. you are so adorable! I love seeing other bloggers who make clothes! Nice shoes, too! thanks so much for your comment! You're a doll!!! XO

    love, polly :)


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