4 Apr 2013

Baby's all dressed up with no where to go....

Just when I thought the cold snap here in England was over it started to snow outside once again today. I planned to do an outside post but the snow was all over the place and I couldn't bear to be shivering away. So, house-bound for the day, I decided to lift my spirits of this horrible weather and wear my new vintage dress I got from the fair. 

Sounds crazy but putting on a pretty dress and some makeup while I've been pottering around the house all day has instantly put me in a better mood. I've got loads done today, got rid of loads and loads of books to give away to the charity shop keeping the good ones 
ie: The Hunger Games, Memoirs of a Geisha, Yes Man.

 I picked up this little dress for £10 from the lovely Dina! (thanks hun!) from her vintage stall
'Sunday's Girl'. They always have the cutest things and so reasonably priced too. Did I mention they are always up for haggling?

Dress- Vintage
Roses Headband- Crown and Glory
Here is my wishlist of things I do actually intend on buying in the next couple of weeks for summer.
This dress by Sugarhill with the milkshakes is so me and I have been in love with it forever!!!! The pink wedge platforms too both from ASOS.
The tote from Accessorize I found the other day instore and fell in love.

*Spring Wishlist......*


  1. weeeee!! Glad the dress has gone to a good home. It's so cute!!! Love the headband as well :) xx

  2. Your dress is super sweet and such a good bargain too. I can't believe you got snow again! Edinburgh got a whole day of sunshine (sorry to brag but it's usually the other way around!) The pictures still look lovely even though you didn't get to do one of your location shoots. xx

    1. I know snow! again!! so over it now!! it's April for crying and wailing out loud! ha x

  3. You are so gorgeous, your hair is perfect! I love this dress, it's so fun and preppy in the nicest vintage way :)

    1. Oh Harlow you have no idea how lovely your words are to me! especially coming from you! who in my eyes is complete perfection!!! xxx

  4. What a sweet dress! You have a really pretty and happy blog :)

    1. thanks so much Debs! that's very sweet of you! ;-) x

  5. Ahhhh that dress is gooorgeous on you! And I love the flower crown :) I have that dress from Sugarhill Boutique hanging in my closet... I need to figure out the perfect occasion for which I can wear it, though!

    xox Sammi


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