18 Apr 2013

Cowboys and Ice creams

Cowboys and Ice creams, now there's a combination you never thought you'd hear together. Well I managed to team them up the other day while the sun was high in the sky and peeped out for a while.
I bought this necklace from Claire's Accessories whilst on my trip away with the girls and it instantly put a smile on my face. It's slowly becoming my favourite piece of jewellery.

As lots of you know I'm a big fan of all things cute and kitsch. If it's enough to make me smile....It's pretty much in the bag. I'll never forget when I interviewed Anna Wintour (personal highlight of last year) and afterwards said to myself "I cannot believe I was actually wearing a dress with chilli peppers on when I met Anna Wintour? What the hell?!" and you know what in retrospect I am so glad I did because that's who I really am and it worked because she said yes to me for an impromptu interview after me being told I wouldn't be able to get one.

As much as I'd love to spend my days wearing Chanel, Mary Katranzou and Temperly I just don't seem have the bank balance for it at the moment ha! I like to think when my presenting career takes off big time I will, but for now I will rock up in my homemade sewing creations and vintage.
Crochet top
Vest- Topshop
Skirt- Handmade
Plimsoles- Cath Kidston
Socks- Primark
Bag- Primark
Necklace- Claires Accessories

This skirt is another handmade 'sew happy' creation I actually made this ages and ages ago but I just never got around to photographing it. I've worn it lots and the fabric is by the fabulous 'Alexander Henry' collection which I am simply in love with.

I picked it up at a Knitting and Stitch show and there was only a metre left in existence so naturally it had to come home with moi. With only 1 metre there wasn't a lot I could do with it. I didn't want to make a cushion or a bag with it. It needed to be clothing! With little options I drafted some panels and made it into a skirt.

x Rebecca x


  1. Your hair is the loveliest shade of red! And of course, I adore that necklace <3

    1. thanks so much hun! ah yes you LOVE ICE CREAM don't you!? hee he x

  2. Your new cowboy skirt is so cute! I like that it's panelled at the front and back rather than a print all over. Your top is so gorgeous too. You definitely don't need designer clothes to look good but I know the feeling! Reeeally want a Matthew Williamson dress at the moment. xx

    1. it's tough isn't it?! ah one day we'll rock out in our designer clobber until then.....x

  3. Every bit of this outfit is perfect and adorable! Your necklace looks good enough to eat :D

  4. You are beautiful and this outfit is picture perfect, you have amazing style. I look forward to seeing lots more of your beautiful outfits and photographs!

    Am following you :-)

    Emily xxx

  5. you look so amazing! i love this lace top <3


  6. Oh, that is absolutely lovely! And you made that?!


  7. Where abouts do you live? You seem to always be surrounded by beautiful scenery :) xx

    1. Kent....ermmm is it safe to say exactly where? ha ha when I next see you we'll catch up! x

  8. these photos are awesome!!! i can't believe you made that skirt yourself, i love it! xxxxx

  9. I love that skirt!



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