22 Apr 2013

Don't sit under the almond tree with anyone else but me

"Don't sit under the almond tree with anyone else but me...."

I am simply in awe of all the beautiful trees around us at the moment, and in particular the almond and blossom trees which are my personal favourites of mine. 
There is something rather magical about them.

With that in mind I felt inspired to bring out some my pastel coloured clothing today. 
Whites, creams, turquoises and pinks which as colours do tend to mellow me out when I wear them. Funny that isn't it?

This white lace collared dress is such a beautiful piece that I only really bring out in the summertime.
Some of you might remember it from last year in The Red Shoes post. The collar on it is huge and I simply love the way it fans all the way around the neckline and at the back. 

I simply got carried away when I was taking photos of these magnificent almond trees, I could of taken hundreds and hundreds of photos as they were so beautiful.

Dress- Camden Market
Cardigan- Primark
Satchel- Camden Market
Shoes- Accesorize

Hoping it's beautiful wherever you are 
x Rebecca 


  1. I love the mint accents in this outfit! Your hair colour is gorgeous x


  2. Oh-so-pretty! I loooove that dramatic collar, and the dress paired with the mint cardigan and satchel is just lovely. Those trees are so pretty, too! :)

    xox Sammi

  3. OMG you look so chic! I love your style, you are so subtle when it comes to making bold statements in your ensembles!

    I love your blog!


  4. Such lovely pics, great outfit too x

  5. absolutely adore the colours of this outfit and your hairstyle is amazing! i'm gonna have to have a go at getting mine like that!!!
    beautiful pictures of the almond trees too, spring blossoms are just so pretty :) xxxxx

  6. This is such a pretty pastel look. Mint is probably the cutest colour for a satchel - and who needs The Cambridge Satchel company when you can find such a lovely one in Camden market!
    I've been very jealous of the weather down south lately! It's like double Scottish temperatures and we've had extreme winds! Never been more tempted to move back to London! xx


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