31 May 2013

Best in show

Bank holiday Monday was so jammed packed I've had to separate my adventures that day into two posts. I mentioned in 'Swimming in the fields of gold' that Jon and I went to a dog show that same day. We had been looking forward to it for ages and it was such a bubble!
As a couple we are completely dog crazy! We really are like two excitable children whenever we see a great dog generally. The joke of it is we don't even have one yet! How sad is that? Well when we get our own house it will be the first thing we do, but for now watching 'Crufts' on TV and going to the local dog show will satisfy our pet-loving-doggy delight.
The array of dogs on show that day were amazing, even dog celebrity 'Mugly' was there too who won the international title of 2012 worlds ugliest dog! 
I took an insane amount of photos at the dog show, but the dog that was best in show for me had to be Herbert the English Sheepdog. Just look at him! He was huge, fluffy and so gentle but what was so adorable and touching was he was so ridiculously nervous and shy. His owner was saying how helpful it was for his confidence for strangers like us to pay him attention and take photos. Oh Herbert I love you!!

Dress- Handmade
Boat Hat- Garden Centre
Pumps- Accessorize
Satchel- Camden Market
Sunglasses- Primark

29 May 2013

**Wednesday's wants and wishes**

Introducing The Cinnamon Slipper's *Wednesday's wants and wishes*- all the beautiful things I've got my eye on and frankly need in my life. I am forever making wish lists and now every Wednesday I will bring you fabrics, clothes, shoes and accessories galore...need I say more? (oh I do love a jolly good rhyme!).
Macaroon Fabric- EtsyMacaroon Fabric! Could this be any more perfect? I cannot wait for Payday tomorrow, I will most definitely be purchasing this and making a dress from it. It's all the way from Japan but so worth it!
Alice in wonderland iphone case- Etsy
For the sheer hilarity factor it seemed only natural that I'd add a bizarre 
photo of me on the model's head.

Nishe Prom dress with embroidered godlfish- ASOS £120
China Blue embroidered dress- Miss Selfridge £65
Hello Sunshine 'Sonia' loafers- $39.99 Loly in the Sky 
Cookie Club Heels- £84.99- Irregular Choice
Mermaid Dress- Etsy £102.30
Biscuit Dress- Etsy 

Ice Cream dress- Etsy £102.30
'A healthy serving of possibilities' - Modcloth 
 Bass Dress- Modcloth $79.99

I have been lusting after Caitlin Shearer's dresses forever and her mermaid, ice cream and biscuit dresses are my favourite. Caitlin is the most incredible artist- be sure to take a peek at her work on Etsy. All the prints are Caitlin's originals artworks and I will most definitely be purchasing one in future after a big pay cheque (if one ever comes!). 
Bunny Tea Time Fabric- Etsy 
Watermelon Clutch bag- Etsy £60.70

Dachshund Dog bag- Etsy £34.10

Bernie Dexter Dress- Modcloth $159.99

28 May 2013

I'm feeling 22

"Hey I don't know about you..but I'm feeling 22!"

On Friday it was my birthday and no, I wasn't 22...4 years ago I was though! Jonathan and I went down to Brighton for the day for some shopping and a spot of lovely lunch. Jonathan booked me a surprise meal at a lovely restaurant called 'Riddle and Finns' for a birthday lobster. Lobsters are my favourite food in the world and not something I often get the luxury of having.
We had the best table in the house over-looking the sea but unfortunately for the first time in over 5 years the weather was horrendous on my birthday. For the past 5 years running it's always been sunny and wonderful but alas this year it was pouring with rain. The time we made to the restaurant I was rather rain swept!
So my big, beautiful birthday lobster arrived and it did not disappoint, is was simply DELICIOUS! Cooked to perfection in a garlic butter sauce, complete with french fries and some buttered mange tout. 
After that we ventured into one of my favourite ever places in the world to shop, Brighton's 'Lanes'. Shop after shop of quirky delights, vintage treasures and fabulous fabric shops too. Snoopers Paradise (below) had a lovely little vintage shop upstairs called 'Snoopers Attic'. Everything was presented and displayed beautifully.

I picked up a lovely vintage reproduction top with embroidered roses on with some of my birthday money which I fell in love with and which I will be wearing very soon!
I also discovered a fantastic fabric shop on the high street which stocked some of the best fabrics I've ever seen and quite reasonably priced too. I bought two new fabrics: one 50's style Michael Miller of ladies cooking in the kitchen, and....wait for it...DISNEY fabric!! I saw 'The Little Mermaid' and I did get soooo ridiculously excited by this!

Just when things couldn't get any better that day..I came across a 'Sugar hill Boutique' Outlet! I held my breathe as I looked among all the beautiful dresses and wished, hoped and prayed I'd find the beloved mint milkshake dress I've been wanting forever. Low and behold there it was! And for an insanely cheap price! I tried it on and couldn't believe my birthday luck...how can this be?! It's still full price on the ASOS website, ebay and their website! 

27 May 2013

Swimming in the fields of gold

After weeks and weeks of stopping and starting I finally finished my swimming ladies dress last night! Hurrrrrrah! I am so pleased with it. I don't know why it took me so long, I guess it's just because I've been so busy and I free-styled with the majority of the dress pattern so it took me slightly longer than usual.

I picked up this adorable fabric from a market stall at the Knitting and Stitch show for dirt cheap. Originally it was going to be a skirt but I simply couldn't resist making it into a dress for summer time; the pale blues, lilacs and yellows are colours I don't have an abundance of in my wardrobe and it's already received lots of compliments.

And....after what seems like forever the sunshine came out to play! It was such a brilliant day! Jonathan and I went to a dog show, which was hilarious (another blog post in itself!), did a little shopping and got back in time for a delicious 'Sunday' dinner.

Dress- Handmade
Boat hat- Garden Centre
Satchel- Camden Market

I really loved this bank holiday Monday which I got to share with my lovely man. Lots of you don't get to see what he looks like as he's usually behind the camera, so here he is! The love of my life, my best friend and the most incredible person I know. Jonathan!

Hoping you're all having a lovely Monday wherever you are!

x Rebecca 

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