31 May 2013

Best in show

Bank holiday Monday was so jammed packed I've had to separate my adventures that day into two posts. I mentioned in 'Swimming in the fields of gold' that Jon and I went to a dog show that same day. We had been looking forward to it for ages and it was such a bubble!
As a couple we are completely dog crazy! We really are like two excitable children whenever we see a great dog generally. The joke of it is we don't even have one yet! How sad is that? Well when we get our own house it will be the first thing we do, but for now watching 'Crufts' on TV and going to the local dog show will satisfy our pet-loving-doggy delight.
The array of dogs on show that day were amazing, even dog celebrity 'Mugly' was there too who won the international title of 2012 worlds ugliest dog! 
I took an insane amount of photos at the dog show, but the dog that was best in show for me had to be Herbert the English Sheepdog. Just look at him! He was huge, fluffy and so gentle but what was so adorable and touching was he was so ridiculously nervous and shy. His owner was saying how helpful it was for his confidence for strangers like us to pay him attention and take photos. Oh Herbert I love you!!

Dress- Handmade
Boat Hat- Garden Centre
Pumps- Accessorize
Satchel- Camden Market
Sunglasses- Primark


  1. So so sweet! This looks like such a fun day out, I love being around people who are enthusiastic about their hobby so dog or cat shows sound amazing, especially if you get to have a little chat with all the animals

  2. These are so cute!! I love dog people. Herbert is epsecially lovely, the bigger and fluffier the better!

  3. ahhh that looks like so much fun. I always talk about owning a farm full of dogs xD my favorites are the fluffy small (and/or chunky) !!

  4. Omg soo cute, I especially love the sweet golden retriever at the end! I love dogs and cats equally, and I've never been to a dog show like this (though I watch them on TV)! So much fun!

    xox Sammi

  5. I love the dress, it's beautiful!!


  6. Adorable! Wishing more than ever that I had a dog,


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