17 May 2013

Blame it on the bluebells

I've been meaning to embrace the arrival of the bluebells for quite some time now, but I didn't really get around to it until yesterday. Upon entering the woodland it was completely covered in a blanket beautiful bluebells, it simply took my breath away.

It was such a beautiful setting and a perfect backdrop for my blue dress I wore that day. This dress I have had forever and it's from Primark of all places! Yes costing next to nothing but has always been one I have never really thrown away because I wear it summer after summer without fail. 

I have quickly got used to being a brunette once again and it's almost like it never happened. I will admit though when I did wash it out I did have a moment of sheer panic as it came out black and looked nothing like the 'dark brown' like the box suggested! 

Don't blame it on sunshine
Don't blame it on moonlight
Don't blame it on good times
Blame it on the bluebells! 

What I wore: Dress- Primark Satchel- Camden Market
Shoes- Charity Shop Daisy hair clips- Claires Accessories


  1. This dress is so pretty on you (I love the ruffles!), and YOUR HAIR! It looks wonderful! You actually still look very pin-up-y (and now we are hair twins!). And that field of bluebells is so beautiful!

    xox Sammi

    1. hee hee thanks hun! Dress twins, hair twins! Why don't you live in England so we can have a day out! and get milkshakes and visit some Alpacas already? hee hee


  2. Oh my word. This place is simply magical; like out of a fairy tale. So dreamy! And you fit right in, lady :)

  3. Oh la la this is perfect. Love this place, and you are gorgeous with your dress :)

  4. Such beautiful flowers! And you look gorgeous as a brunette :)

  5. Such lovely photos! Your dress (and your hair) look absolutely beautiful. I love the bluebells everywhere ♥

  6. This dress is so pretty with the frills. No wonder you bring it out every summer! You suit being a brunette just as much as your red colour and you can always go back to red sometime :)
    Much love xxx

  7. Haha, I love the little spin you took on that Michael Jackson song. Too cute. And this field of flowers... is just wow! It really made for a stunning set of photos. You look so whimsical and lovely here--your hair is gorgeous, and I adore the red pop from your bag!

  8. Holy, you are so pretty. I love your dress and hair!

  9. Such a perfect location, it looks like something out of a dream! I bet you must have had so much fun frolicking in this field of blue bells in your lovely blue dress :D I am loving your new hair color too, it suits you beautifully and looks so nice with all of the blue!

  10. dreamy photos as always!!! your dress is so cute, it really does look lovely with the bluebells as a backdrop!!!
    and also your brunette hair is just as gorgeous as red! you're very lucky that both colours look amazing on you <3 xxx

  11. This dress is so pretty! What a fantastic color! This is such a great place to take pictures too.
    I think your new hair color looks really pretty! Just a tip from my hairdresser mom though: never buy the "dark brown" hair color from the drug store unless you intend on your hair being black. Pick a medium brown for dark brown. And the colors on the box aren't necessarily what they'll show up as on your hair. You have to factor in the shade you're already at. It's all so complicated!

  12. You look absolutely gorgeous in this pretty dress! Love your brunette hair, you look very exotic!

    Xo, Hannah



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