14 May 2013

Dude where's my vintage?

It's so fitting that this will be the 100th post on The Cinnamon Slipper. This post we're celebrating The Cinnamon Slipper's first birthday! Happy Birthday blog! 
I'm so proud of you and how much you've changed, grown, learnt in this past year.

As lots of you know Vintage style is something I am incredibly passionate about. 
I love everything it stands for and how unique it can make your personal style. 
Don't get me wrong, I also love the high street but more and more
these days I've found myself swaying towards the timeless beauty you can only find in vintage.

I have never been one to follow the crowd. I alway dressed differently at school, when I go to work I dress differently and as I've got older and really 'discovered' who I am (wow that's deep!) I express it through what I wear.

This little corner of the internet where I get to document my personal style and my adventures is something I still cherish to this very day. I have made some lovely cyber friends (you know who you are!) and got up to some crazy things, had some strange looks while I pose in the middle of no where (GET OVER IT PEOPLE! I'M A FASHION BLOGGER!), and met some wonderful people.

Maybe you're reading this because you love vintage too, maybe you have a few pieces, maybe you're intrigued but don't know where to start or don't think you can 'pull it off' (I've heard that one so many times)!

I picked up lots of tips and tricks over the years from shopping online, going to fairs, reading books and watching videos and now I like to dip in and out of vintage whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong era as everything about 'those' days is so glamourous and fantastic and by comparison the modern world seems grey and uninspired.  What I love about vintage is that it allows you to take all the best and beautiful parts of a forgotten past, dust them off and give them another chance to shine.

So where are the best places to buy and find good quality Vintage clothing?

1. Vintage Fairs- If I'm being brutally honest this is where the majority of my clothing is from. This is the best place to see a plethora of fantastic vintage stalls full of clothing all under one roof. The benefit of shopping at fairs is you can try before you buy and- my favourite- HAGGLE! Always haggle, don't be shy! Most sellers will reel off the whole "Oh I paid more for it" story! Offer cash and a sweet smile and that usually that seals the deal.

2. Ebay- This will come as no surprise but you can find some really good little gems on Ebay, but be warned! So many sellers jump on the 'vintage wagon' by listing clothing as 'vintage' when it's a vintage reproduction, or just not vintage at all.

3. Kilo Sales- Kilo sales are one of the vintage world best kept secrets. Simply type into your search engine 'vintage kilo sale' and you can find out near you when the next one is. This is a chance to stock up some serious vintage gear and pay by the kilo and if you're lucky or you know what you're looking for you can get some real bargains. This is where a lot of vintage shops and traders get their stock.

4. Etsy- I only discovered Etsy a year ago. Where the heck have I been? This place is a magical website full of vintage pretties, handmade crafts and things you never knew you wanted. 

5. ASOS Market Place- There are lots of vintage stores on ASOS Market Place all around the world.

6. Big Wardrobe.com- You can swap your clothes with other peoples clothes at no cost and they have a fantastic vintage category.

7. Charity Shops- I love charity shops/thrift shops you can find some serious stuff there!

8. Car Boot Sales-  One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Dating Vintage tips and tricks to look out for

1950's and earlier

The zips should be metal
Clothing labels should be embroidered and in a swirly font
Bra strap holder?
No wash care label
The hem might be hand stitched (the hem on this purple dress is hand stitched and has a metal zipper)
Most don't have a size label

Post 1950's
Plastic zips
It will most likely have a wash and care label
Size Label
Overlocked inner seams

Finally to celebrate 'The Cinnamon Slipper' being one year old! I am hosting a special vintage giveaway!! You can win this beautiful Vintage Dress.

It's so simple it will be a random draw out of a hat and all you need to do to enter
with your chance to win is the following.

1. Comment below
2. Like 'The Cinnamon Slipper' Facebook page here
3. Follow on Google Friend Connect

Boom! and that's it! Good luck everyone!
I will draw a winner on Sunday 19th May
Given that my blog readers are from all over the world, 
I am more than happy to ship anywhere.
ahh aren't I nice? x


  1. gosh you always have the most creative photography ever!!! these photos are just beautiful.

    and these tips are really helpful :) congratulations on your 100th post lovely! xxxx

    1. Thank you so much thats so lovely of you!! xxx

  2. such a lovely post<3 etsy is definitely one of my fav places to shop!

  3. Great post! I bookmarked it. :) I love finding out new places to look for vintage stuff. I used to get mine off eBay all the time, and sometimes vintage shops in the area. I haven't been getting vintage pieces as much since they tend to get expensive, but nothing beats the quality and beauty of a nice vintage dress. Things were just made better back then. Ahh, the golden days...before we were born...lol.

  4. First of all, these photos are GORGEOUS. I love all the dresses in that beautiful flowering tree! And I agree, these tips are awesome. I've bought quite a number of items on Etsy, but I haven't seen a lot of vintage fairs in my area, and that's kind of a bummer. We have a lot of thrift stores, but not a lot of good vintage stores, and obviously buying online can be kind of annoying (even if you know your measurements well). Happy Blogiversary (and 100th post)! You are such a darling. Also, this reminds me that I really should make a Facebook page for my blog... oops.

    xox Sammi

  5. Love Your blog, so colorful. beautiful purple dress.

  6. Oh my <3 I just don't know what to say! this is perfect :)

  7. Love this fun little post and all of your great details about vintage clothing. The photographs turned out so great! Thanks for sharing! New followers here. Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  8. i hope you got a letter from the queen ;)

    Love you blog, been following for a while now and you always post really inspiring things. I own quite a bit of vintage but big wardrobe.com?! OH MY DAYS am I in love with this website :) Thanks for the tips and I hope you got a cake at least!

    Would love it if you could check out my blog and tell me what you think!



  9. This is literally the best post ever. Oh my gosh, you underneath a tree of vintage dresses is like a DREAM! And I would love to be entered in to win that beauty of a vintage dress; I follow you via GFC and have liked you of FB! x

  10. this is such a lovely giveaway, i'm definitely a vintage lover through and through, i'm not that picky about what decade clothes came from but i spend a LOT of time scouring opshops, markets and the internet for vintage finds! also i love that you hung all your dresses up in the tree, that's such a great idea.

    little henry lee

  11. Happy B day to your gorgeous blog :D

  12. Just discovered your blog and love it! This was a great post, and you're the cutest. I feel like we could be super friends in real life. :)
    Happy blog birthday!

    xo, Mandy

  13. Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been a year already! That's so cool that it also is your 100th post! Congratulations! These pictures are so creative and amazing by the way. Did you get the idea from Tim Walker's photo by any chance? Loved reading this post too. Funnily enough I've just blogged on a bit of vintage! xx

  14. OMG,I AM vintage lover as well!!! And definitely fascinated with your style;D oh BTW, I am from Taiwan, anyway, love reading your blog and congrats for the 1 year birthday!!! YEEEAH!!

  15. This could be a magazine spread! Gorgeous, gorgeous! Love how you hung the dresses and the dangling flowers make everything seem so dreamy. Happy birthday to your blog and congrats on your 100th post (from across the pond!)

  16. This is just the kind of advices I have been looking for for a long time!
    It might seem weird to you but, I live in Paris, and I'm having the hardest time finding good vintage clothes :,(
    These are awesome advices and I will keep them in mind for sur!

  17. Oh and I almost forgot...Happy Blog's Birthday!! ;-)

  18. you're beautiful!


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