3 May 2013

Fall to grace

This is another series of photos by the incredibly talented Miss Kitty Gallannaugh
I was extremely lucky that we managed to fit in so many different looks that 
beautiful afternoon. What I love about our woodland adventure is
that every outfit seems to conjure up a completely different vibe and story.

I was going to present all of the photos previously in one single post but it didn't seem to make sense. 
If you take a look at 'Ahoy there matey' & 'Enchanted' I'm sure you'll 
agree they are very different.

This is another vintage dress which has made only one appearance before on the blog here.
That's the beauty of vintage it's very unlikely that anyone else will 
have the same dress as you and I love that.

Very soon I'll be writing a post and a guide on how vintage shop. 
Sounds simple enough but I get so many people at work and when I'm out and about ask me- Where to find vintage dresses, how much is too much to pay and what to look for etc.

Have a magical day!

 x Rebecca


  1. The pictures are stunning and I agree, each setting has its own vibe and story, it's better that you posted them individually! I've fallen in love recently with vintage well, everything, so I'm deff looking forward to that guide!

    Lots of love,

  2. More stunning pictures! I'm looking forward to your post about vintage shopping. I've been doing it for years, but I feel like I'm a lot less in the loop now because I don't do it as often anymore. Who knows what new vintage gold mines there may be that I don't even know about! :)

  3. You look stunning! They are lovely photos =)

    Corinne x

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous. You look positively enchanting! And I'm excited to read more about vintage shopping. I have a few vintage pieces in my closet (mostly from Etsy, since the only quality thrift or vintage stores I've found tend to be incredibly expensive), and I'm eager to know more :)

    xox Sammi

  5. gosh, you are gorgeous! loving the first photo especially, how the tree shadows stretch and how you gaze back!

    1. That's my boyfriends favourite one too! x

  6. What breath taking photos!! The lighting and setting so dreamy and that dress itself is magical! You look like a fairy :3

    1. Kitty is a genius isn't she!? thanks hun! x

  7. Absolutely perfect, so beautiful and pretty in every way.

  8. Another set of beautiful and magical photos with a vintage dress to die for. Really looking forward to your vintage buying guide as I don't have the best luck when vintage shopping. I did buy a lovely sixties dress recently but my poor mum had to alter it for me as it was far to big for me! I'm sure a pro at tailoring though which is such a good advantage for a vintage lover. Xx

  9. that dress looks so pretty on you! and the pictures turned out amazingly!



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