28 May 2013

I'm feeling 22

"Hey I don't know about you..but I'm feeling 22!"

On Friday it was my birthday and no, I wasn't 22...4 years ago I was though! Jonathan and I went down to Brighton for the day for some shopping and a spot of lovely lunch. Jonathan booked me a surprise meal at a lovely restaurant called 'Riddle and Finns' for a birthday lobster. Lobsters are my favourite food in the world and not something I often get the luxury of having.
We had the best table in the house over-looking the sea but unfortunately for the first time in over 5 years the weather was horrendous on my birthday. For the past 5 years running it's always been sunny and wonderful but alas this year it was pouring with rain. The time we made to the restaurant I was rather rain swept!
So my big, beautiful birthday lobster arrived and it did not disappoint, is was simply DELICIOUS! Cooked to perfection in a garlic butter sauce, complete with french fries and some buttered mange tout. 
After that we ventured into one of my favourite ever places in the world to shop, Brighton's 'Lanes'. Shop after shop of quirky delights, vintage treasures and fabulous fabric shops too. Snoopers Paradise (below) had a lovely little vintage shop upstairs called 'Snoopers Attic'. Everything was presented and displayed beautifully.

I picked up a lovely vintage reproduction top with embroidered roses on with some of my birthday money which I fell in love with and which I will be wearing very soon!
I also discovered a fantastic fabric shop on the high street which stocked some of the best fabrics I've ever seen and quite reasonably priced too. I bought two new fabrics: one 50's style Michael Miller of ladies cooking in the kitchen, and....wait for it...DISNEY fabric!! I saw 'The Little Mermaid' and I did get soooo ridiculously excited by this!

Just when things couldn't get any better that day..I came across a 'Sugar hill Boutique' Outlet! I held my breathe as I looked among all the beautiful dresses and wished, hoped and prayed I'd find the beloved mint milkshake dress I've been wanting forever. Low and behold there it was! And for an insanely cheap price! I tried it on and couldn't believe my birthday luck...how can this be?! It's still full price on the ASOS website, ebay and their website! 


  1. All these pictures are lovely! Seems like you had a pretty awesome birthday! Oh and I hope it was a very happy day too! xxx


  2. So many wonderful things crammed into one post! Where do I begin?? Okay, firstly, I was trying to figure out what our age difference is via Facebook (since we are friends now, hehe!), so now I know! I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday, though it stinks about the crummy weather (since my birthday is at the end of October, it is almost ALWAYS rainy and gross). The lobster looks amaaaaaazing, and I love that you went to those beautiful shops. Can't wait to see the top you bought, and OH MY GOSH THE FABRIC!!! AHHH! You KNEW I would love this!! I loooove the ladies in the kitchen, and of course, I am a Disney princess at heart! AND GUESS WHAT NOW WE ARE DRESS TWINS HOORAYYYYY! My milkshake dress is waiting in my closet for a truly special occasion. And you lucky duck for getting it at a steal! :)

    xox Sammi

  3. Happy Birthday lovely!!! Ahhh it looks like you had such a perfect day! That lobster looks mouth watering, what a perfect Birthday meal :D The restaurant looks so cute too! I can't wait to see you in that milkshake print dress, it's so wonderful that you had such good luck on your Birthday, bad weather aside :P

  4. Happy birthday of course!
    Lobster looks divine.
    Your blog is beautiful, i've just popped over from Briarrose Blog.

    Wander Bug

  5. Love this! Happy birthday! :D (mine's coming up on Saturday--yippee, I'll be 23. ;) ) It sounds like you had a great birthday! I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more.

  6. I'm so glad you had a fabulous birthday! Unlucky with the rain but I think most people's birthdays this year have had disappointing weather, including mine! You were so lucky with all other aspects though, especially finding the dress of your dreams reduced! It's so pretty :) I've only been to Brighton briefly when I was assisting a shoot with Company magazine and loved the pier, but I'm dying to go shopping there after reading your post! xx

  7. Oh my days I did not realise that sugar hill boutique had a clearance store, I must remember that next time I'm in brighton!

    Glad you had a lovely birthday



  8. Happy Birthday love ! <3

  9. I didn't know there was an outlet store!! wow! Lovely dress :) x

  10. That food looks amazing! I love sea food. I just turned 21 and I went to Red Lobster for my birthday! Happy birthday dear, hope you had a great one!

  11. I kinda felt in love with that Asos dress... instantly...! Can't wait to see how you're going to wear it!
    Nice to know that you had a lovely birthday!


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