20 May 2013

Racey Lacey

Yesterday was such a beautiful day in Kent. I spent most of it eating scones with jam and clotted cream and sewing away on a dress I'm making. I'm currently working on a dress that I've been on for too long, It keeps on changing and I now I'm at the point where I'm a bit sick of it and I want to start my next project! (Which is the most awesome pirate lagoon fabric!) Alas sometimes sewing just doesn't work that way...does it?

Yesterday I opted to wear something a little different. I haven't worn this dress in quite a while but I always remember why I rather like it. The lace detail on it is really simple but cut out back is just a little sexy....did I say sexy? I never really travel down the sexy route often and I would say this dress is really rather tame, but I was asked to pop a cardigan on when I got to work! (oooops!)

Dress- Urban Outfitters Boots- New Look Sunglasses- Primark

So you're all probably wondering who won? So I put everyone who commented on 'Dude's where's my vintage?" names went into my boat hat and picked a winner at random! Which was hard filming and using one hand!  Congratulations to who won! Could you please just a comment below with your e-mail address so I can send out your lovely vintage dress in the post! xx

Just had my boyfriend say to me.....that you might not be able to read my writing! It says 
Jodi Pops! 
Congratulations! thank you to everyone to who took part! I really enjoyed doing this! I will no doubt do another prize draw next month! x


  1. that's such a cute way of announcing the winner! and i love the flowers in your hair, they look so cute. :)

    little henry lee

  2. you look amazing <3 those photos are just wow.


  3. I love daisies! You look so gorgeous and it sounds like you had a lovely day. :)

  4. Your new haircolor looks so good on you, girl! <3 And don't worry about the dress, it's by no means too sexy :)

    Lots of love,
    http://wingsforliberty.com/ (10 days left to enter my giveaway <3)

  5. So cute. I think the lace detail on the dress is perfect!

    S., The Hearabouts

  6. oh wow!!!! thank you so so much!!!! i am so excited!!!
    my email is jodipops@hotmail.com :)

    by the way you are looking gorgeous as ever in this post, i love the gif with the dandelion!

  7. Looove this outfit. The dress is definitely a little sexy (but not overtly so!), and you look great in black! I love the daisies and the floral crown, too. Clotted cream is literally one of the best things in the world (now I desperately want a scone with that and jam!!). That little necklace is so cute, too!

    xox Sammi

  8. You look absolutely stunning in that dress! It might be sexy but certainly is classy too :) Besides I hope your dress will be finished soon so you can start your new project, and I'm really curious to what you made ^^

  9. Awww what a cute location and outfit! So perfect. :) I love lace details and usually I'm not into cut out backs.. but that one I want!!!

  10. Love your location and that dress. I also love that headband of yours

    x Audrey
    P.s. i'm hosting a OASAP giveaway on my blog, feel free to join.

  11. Your GIF's are so cute! Love this post <3


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