22 May 2013

Rhubarb and Custard

Once in a while I come across people who simply look fabulous and today's post is all about two lovely ladies I met named Carlotta and Rume. As lots of you know I work as a freelance Television Presenter for all kinds of things and the other week I went for a fashion presenting casting/ audition. If I am being honest deciding what to wear on camera for presenting anything fashion related is one of the HARDEST things ever. Period. Sounds simple enough but it seriously stresses me out. You will be judged. 

Especially as a presenter I am very aware and conscious all the time of my 'branding' and what you are wearing gives off different messages and vibes. My personal style changes all the time depending on my mood, the weather and the occasion. I would say I like to mix it up rather a lot, my wardrobe is incredibly varied as I don't like to solidly commit myself to one particular style. I get asked a lot 'describe your style' and I can never really can define it! 

Carlotta and Rume are best friends and they were teamed up on the day as a presenting duo and I was seriously impressed with what they wore.

The pink and yellow combination complimented eachother perfectly and side by side they looked fantastic. When waiting for the other presenters to do their thing myself and the girls went out to get some chocolate across the street from China Town. Wanting to practise my photography as always I asked if they girls were up for being photographed as I loved what they were wearing.
Carlotta is wearing....
Coat- New Look
Homies Jumper- Browns
Leather trousers- Topshop
Bag- Mulberry
Shoes- Topshop
Rume is wearing..... 
Coat- Primark
Dress- Primark
Bag- Vintage
Shoes- River Island

So the sad news was none of us girls got the presenting job! Which was a shame because it would of been a great gig, alas! but I had a fun day and got a seriously amazing goodie bag for taking part, not too shabby! 

As a pair these girls were adorable and so lovely and I cannot wait for them to start their own fashion blog together which I do believe they are planning to do very soon! So watch this space!.....


  1. Awesome feature! I have a big problem when asked to define my style, too... there are so many styles I gravitate towards and I end up just trying to implement all of them into my wardrobe. I guess it's just very girly with hints of the sweet and kitschy. And I'm sorry... you guys get GOODIE BAGS FOR GOING TO AUDITIONS?! Apparently I need to come to the UK because auditioning here is pretty emotionally-brutal at times... But dressing for the camera is really difficult. My mom worked in TV for a long time and there are so many things that just don't read on television, or patterns that get all warped and strange. I look forward to seeing if those girls start a fashion blog together!!

    xox Sammi

    1. Yeah goodie bag was pretty damn good and being honest I put a few of the things I can't use on my skin on ebay! (cheeky!)


  2. They are so cool and unique looking!
    Honestly, it doesnt matter what you wear whether on Tv or not, people are going to have their opinions, so just wear what makes you happy!


  3. wow they look really unique and special, i love those photos <3


  4. You have such an interesting life, it's awesome that you get to have so much fun and meet like minded people through your job :D I am absolutely smitten with Rume's yellow coat, really wish there was a Primark in my country, I would love something similar!

  5. They are both so lovely! <3

  6. it's a shame none of you got the job but that's lovely that you made some new friends instead! i'd say that's worth even more than the job. :)

    little henry lee


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