5 May 2013

That's what the water gave me

Florence Welsh from 'Florence and The Machine' is one of my style icons (her and of course the  absolute goddess that is Lana Del Rey); her style, her look, her music and her beautiful red hair. Let's just take a moment and talk about red hair. If you have it or have been a red head previously you will  understand this whole on-going battle with it.

I simply love having red hair and have now for over 8 months but I've now reached a point where I might have to go back being a brunette. This does make me really sad....but I've wrecked my hair so much I need to give it a rest.

After many nourishing treatments, oils, conditioners and haircuts my hair just can't take it anymore.
There are so many pros and cons of having red hair, I just need to keep reminding myself of all the cons so I don't back out!  Having only been able to keep my red hair for 8 months gives me a new-found appreciation for devoted fashion extremists like GaGa, Katy Perry and even Perrie from Little Mix with her lilac hair!

These photographs were once again taken by the wonderful Kitty Gallannaugh. Dressed in a Dorothy Perkins Maxi dress, wading in the stream seemed like the perfect idea.


  1. These pictures are wonderful<3 looks like an editorial.


  2. super cute pictures! And I love the dress!


  3. I know how you feel! Red fades out so fast no matter how hard you try and how careful you are. Even though at one point my hair starts looking incredibly bad, I've promised myself I'm only dying it twice per year.
    Lovely photos, that dress looks amazing on you! <3

    Lots of love,

  4. I officially love you because of your love for Florence and Lana! Your pictures look like the come straight from a fairytale! So pretty:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  5. Such stunning photos <3 Lovely blog :)

  6. Aaaaaaah! these pictures are so beautiful!!!! I am also a major Florence fan...I have been infatuated with her hair aaaaaand for the past YEAR I have been wanting to dye my hair red after 3 years of not dying my hair and I'm about to take the plunge!...a bit nervous after you've said its such high maintenance though :(
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

  7. Oh my goodness, gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!! Sea maiden! I love red hair and have always wished I could pull it off (I quasi-tried last summer, it didn't reeeally work). My good friend Mary has been dying her hair red for a long time, and it's kind of wrecked her hair too, but it's just so beautiful - on both her and you! Do you get your hair dyed with a hair stylist, or do you do it yourself? It's so gorgeous on you, so I hope you can figure out a way to keep the red! Maybe someone at a salon might have some good tips? And I also love Florence, she's an incredible style icon! For me, it's her and then Kimbra (she sings on that Gotye song) for my major musician fashion inspirations!

    xox Sammi

  8. These pictures are sooo beautiful!

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  9. What The Water Gave Me is one of my favourite songs by Florence+The Machine and besides music I absolutely love her style too <3
    These photos by the way are beautiful, I especially like the third.

  10. what a wonderful shoot ! just can't stop looking at those <3 *_* you are such a babe, awwww


  11. Wow, what a gorgeous photos! Your whole blog is just lovely. The title of this post is also a Frida Kahlo painting. She's the greatest! I know what you mean about being a redhead. I love it, but it is so hard to keep up!

  12. I love your hair color and that gorgeous wreath!

  13. these photos are so beautiful!! I love how creative the photography on your blog is!


  14. Amazing photos, you're absolutely gorgeous! I've always wanted red hair, but the maintenance has always put me off. One day I will finally take the plunge!



  15. Such beautiful photos! Looks like they have come straight out of a magazine and love the pattern and style of the dress too. Just came across your blog and think its fab, so following you now :-)
    Lianne x

    1. Oh and your red hair is gorgeous so thats a shame if its feeling the pressure a wee bit. I've got lilac hair at the minute which I love but is fading fast!

  16. Beautiful pics, i loved. And, you ghave a pretty blog!
    Come visit my blog, if you follow I follow right back (:



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