30 Jun 2013

Sharepenny Lane

Kent really does blow my mind time and time again with it's endless locations and little hidden gems. Given I am city girl born and raised, to now be converted to loving the country is so unlike the me I once was. But now this is where I want to get a house, have kids and spend the rest of my days. 
Saturday brought another day of beautiful weather and Jonathan and I hopped in the car and went on a little adventure to Lullingstone. The skirt I was wearing that day I borrowed from Jon's Mum and I simply love the retro vintage look to it.
Top- Primark
Skirt- Monsoon
Scarf- Vintage
Bag- Accessorize
Shoes- New Look
After a paddle and some ice cream we went for a walk along the country lanes. The area had the most quaint cottages that I simply fell in love with complete with foxgloves and white picket fences.  

28 Jun 2013

Looks like a flower but stings like a bee

OK I'm gonna let you in on a secret about me: when I was younger I used to be a huge Ricky Martin fan (yes, Ricky 'Livin'-La-Vida-Loca' Martin) I had his album on repeat and made up dance routines to all his tracks (even the slow ones). I even wore a Ricky Martin T-shirt, which now in hindsight wish I didn't throw away! (how cool would that be now?). Hell even right now I've decided to play a bit of him after conjuring up today's post title, and it's instantly taken me back to the summer of 99.

On Wednesday I finally got to debut my new vintage dress that I picked up from the last vintage fair at Monica's. It's quite the interesting thing that happened with this dress, which was destined to be with me from the beginning. I happened to follow a page on Facebook which sold the most beautiful vintage dresses a lovely company called 'Paper Petticoats'. 

After looking through their range of beautiful dresses (bear in mind this was all the way back to April), this yellow floral dress stood out to me among the bunch and it was love at first sight. I commented that I loved it and I simply forgot all about it. Then months went by and I attended Monica's Vintage Fair and had a look around at what the stalls had on offer. One particularly beautifully presented stall stood out to me- their clothing organised into the vintage eras- 50's, 60's so forth- and this beautiful yellow dress sung to me from the rack. What I didn't realise til I got home that night was that this was the same exact dress! 

Cosmic dress significance? I don't know but I am a firm believer that if things are meant to be then they will make their way to you. I am so extremely pleased with this dress as I don't have anything quite like it in my vintage dress collection.

 I really believe wearing yellow has some magical quality as it instantly cheers you up and makes you feel happy and fuzzy, so wear yellow my lovelies and smile more this summer!  

26 Jun 2013

Ocean Bride

I am so excited to bring you todays post brought to you by Robert Marriott Photography. Working part time in my other job I get to meet some really lovely people when I get nattering away to customers. Rob, his beautiful fiance Claire and I got chatting about all things vintage and in particular weddings (theirs is only a matter of weeks away now!). Both being bloggers we stayed in touch and decided to collaborate together in the future. 

Rob got in touch saying he had a vintage wedding dress dating back to the 1950's and asked if I would be up for a creative beach-front shoot.  I was jumping at the chance simply at the words...'Vintage', 'wedding dress' and 'beach front'- Hell yes I'm there! I am massively into my vintage clothing and it's no secret that the 1950's in particular is my favourite style.

The weather that day was incredible, we were extremely lucky but by the coast it was naturally very  very windy which meant bad times for my hair! The location was at the Reculver Towers, somewhere I had never been to before in Kent and as you can see, the most picturesque location. 

This is the original box that the dress and head garland came in which is very rare these days to see. This company no longer exists but it's so funny how wedding dresses today are very much still influenced by the vintage era. I would say this lace and button detailing on Kate Middleton's (now immortal) Wedding dress was reminiscent of vintage dresses such as this.

A massive Thank you to Robert! for such a fun shoot and the opportunity to model this incredible dress, I am so pleased with the results. You can 'like' him here on Facebook.

all photography by Robert Marriott Photography

23 Jun 2013

The trees and the fields shall clap their hands

This dress is a very special one to me and I've been waiting for the perfect day to wear it. Jon's Mummy Gilly wore it back in the 80's and kindly passed it down the generations to me. It's a vintage Laura Ashley dress with a delicate lace collar finished with a beautiful summer floral motif. In my opinion Laura Ashley isn't as good as it used to be, meaning dresses like this are a rare and precious commodity. I grew up wearing Laura Ashley dresses for special occasions when I was a kid and the stuff they used to design is now very much sought after by vintage collectors.

If you have a look on Ebay these days the most popular Laura Ashley dresses- those with the most bids- are the longer style ones like this. I usually don't like my tea dresses too long as they make me look shorter but stood in a field of wild flowers on a Summers day, it was difficult to imagine a more perfect dress to wear. 

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x Rebecca

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