12 Jun 2013

Bubbles and Bicycles

Tuesday was a day off for me and I was mostly indoors having a tidy, getting distracted as I usually do  by looking at lovely things on the internet, selling old things on EBay, writing in my diary and I figured why not venture out to take some snaps? The weather wasn't as beautiful that day as it has been lately which was a shame. Even so I had a nice time!

I was dressed that day playful and casual and you could say I was channelling an 'American Girl' look with my converse in tow. This pinafore dress is still a favourite of mine that I wear ALL the time. If you girls are thinking of getting one I would say it's a very worthy investment for this summer.

(Just so you know I always wear a helmet when riding my bike! 
But for fashion blog purposes I took it off while this photo was being taken!)

I loved this local dog who seemed to enjoy watching me cycle up and down past the cottage like a crazy person.
Pinafore Dress- Vintage
Top- Vintage

This Barbie bag you could say was Vintage!...I've had it ever since I was a kid going back to when I was 8 years old! How crazy is that? My parents brought back one each for my little sister and I all the way from Hong Kong. Inside was Barbie, baby sister Shelley and some Barbie clothes and I never ever threw it away. I do think long and hard when I get rid of things these days and it's for this exact reason. This bag is still pretty damn epic years on! x


  1. You look wonderful Rebecca! I love that pinafore, and your sunglasses are awesome! So so pretty! xxx


  2. Love this post, your outfit and your bike! Xx


  3. Your photos are so beautiful, they've got such a gorgeous dreamy quality to them.


  4. Love the photos! Great outfit!

  5. Love these quirky looking photos! The first one is totally worthy of being in a fashion magazine. Hats off to you and your man! How do you find all these gorgeous fields? Are they all in Kent or do you need to go for long drives? I wanna visit! x

  6. super sweet photos! i love the retro vibe and that pinafore!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  7. Love the pinafore, and omg the Barbie bag!!! You do give off an all American vibe here :) hehe. Except your photo locations are prettier than anywhere I've seen around me! And tee hee that Westie is too cute!!

    xox Sammi

  8. You are so adorable! I love these girly summery photos! That shot of you on the bike is looovely :3

  9. your barbie bag is amazing!!!! definitely worth having saved!
    also i love your pinafore, this outfit has such a fun nostalgic feel to it :)

  10. you look so cute! love all of your stuffs :)


  11. It seems like you had lotss fun!!!!

  12. I really love the first picture,
    such a happy one c; The dog is
    so cuuute! Xx

  13. Adorable!! The funny thing is that I was just trying to do bubble shots yesterday and they wouldn't work! Now as i am looking at yours i think I figured out my problem! Thanks for the inspiration! Alex


  14. These glasses! I love them!
    And dear, I had the same Barbie bag and it was the best! ;-)

  15. Realised I didn't comment - the outfit and setting are amazing! How do you do it?! I love that there is always such variation in your posts. :) Where are the sunglasses from? They're adorable!

    Chloe. xxx


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