3 Jun 2013

Buttercup Betty

Here is another 'Sew Happy' creation I made the other day with the fabulous Michael Miller fabric I got for my birthday. I knew instantly that this fabric would best suit a 50's swing style skirt. I really enjoyed making this skirt as I had been lusting after this print for what seemed like forever and in real life it was even cuter and quirkier than I had imagined.

I used my favourite and trusty Simplicity-New Look sewing pattern (6004). I use this pattern time and time again. I would highly recommend this pattern if you're a beginner looking to start making your own clothes.  Simplicity NewLook patterns are my favourite to work with as the instructions are detailed and easy to follow.

Skirt- Handmade Fabric Michael Miller Here
Top- Primark
Petticoat- Ebay (one silliar at Vivienne of Holloway here)
Belt- Camden Market
Mary Janes- Ebay


  1. Love the positive energy comming from you

  2. What a lovely skirt! Love you all outfit and photos!

  3. Wow, you could set up a business for this cos this is some seriouslt beautiful skirt. The prints is very unique and love the style.


  4. Oh my gosh, that was fast!!! The skirt is so lovely, and you already know I love the fabric. So so pretty. And the pictures of you in the field are absolutely STUNNING. Sigh, I need to learn how to sew... when I finally do, I'm sure I'll take your advice on the pattern! You should definitely open your own shop on Etsy! I'm sure you'd do amazingly well! I'd be a loyal customer :)

    xox Sammi

  5. That skirt is so gorgeous, I absolutely adore the pattern on it and I' so glad you went with a 50s style circle skirt cut! Perfection! I also really love the way you've style it with a simple white top so that the skirt is the center of attention :D And of course, this field of buttercups is the perfect location!

  6. This is so gorgeous! I can't believe you made the skirt, it's amazing! And the top is really lovely too, can't believe that's Primark :D

  7. That fabric is amazing! The 50s is my favourite style era :)

  8. That skirt is just gorgeous! Such a stunning fabric, and it looks amazing on you! xxx


  9. You did such a great job and those photographs are simply gorgeous! Alex


  10. You find the best places for photoshoots and always look so pretty! I love that skirt. I wish I could make clothes!

  11. such an adorable pattern! you're so lucky you're able to sew, if i knew how and had a sewing machine (and had the time!) i'd make so many pretty circle skirts!

    little henry lee

  12. that skirt is fantastic!! i'm really loving your blog, following you on bloglovin now! :)

    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  13. This HAS to be my favourite item you've made so far. Like you say, the fabric was calling out to be made into a swing skirt! Plus that top goes perfectly with it. You looked fab wearing it while using the sewing machine on Bid tv! Looks like you're enjoying the sunshine as much as I am! So nice to be able to finally wear whatever we want without getting chilly! xx

  14. Goodness I love these photos, that skirt and those shoes. This really inspires me to learn to sew, so I can make perfect pretty things too!


  15. Amazing skirt! Photographs are so goood!



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