18 Jun 2013

Lucky Ducky

I haven't gone to feed the ducks since last year and Sunday really was the perfect day for it. After I finished work Jonathan and I ventured out in the magical golden hour to give the ducks our left over bread- which also consisted of some chocolate brioche too!

If I am being honest I have only ever worn this beautiful Ingenue pink and polka dot dress once before. How bad is that? I always make a rule when buying clothes these days that it has to be something I intend to wear lots but I didn't for ages as it did clash with my red/orange hair at the time. Wearing it on Sunday reminded me why I bought it. The colour, the shape and the stretchy viscose material of this dress skims the female form in all the right places.

When buying dresses I have come to learn over the years what suits my pear shape best and for me most importantly it has to have the waist nipped in. Right in. I purchased my first Ingenue dress over a year ago which has a very similar shape and style to the famous Kate Middleton Issa dress. It's fair to say that I've loved their stuff ever since.

Dress- Ingenue London
Shoes- Ebay

The ducks went nuts for the BRIOCHE!! ooops!

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This is such a lovely post - the dress really suits you and looks the perfect shape! <3 I love that you never overcomplicate an outfit and you always look so elegant and ladylike. The brioche made me laugh!

    (Oops, accidently deleted the comment!)

    - Chloe. xxx

    1. You cutie chloe!! I went on to reply then it disappeared...couldn't understand why! You're so lovely! I hope I dont any hate mail from duck rescue people! hee hee. They seemed fine! :-D

  3. Oh that dress is soo pretty on you! I love the pink, and the shape is lovely. Having the waist be defined and nipped in is a must for me, too. :) And I giggled out loud at these ducks! They are so cute!! English ducks seem to be much cuter than the ones here in America, heh. :)

    xox Sammi

    1. Yeah these ducks are awesome....there were a few that hissed at me!?x

  4. Lovely pictures, so nice to enjoy the easy things like feeding ducks and being outside in the sunshine
    That dress is lovely
    I'm very pear shaped, nearly two sizes on my bottom half than top and I agree strongly about the nipped waist and flared skirt

    1. I'm the same as you Helen I'm a size 8 top and a size 12/14 bum!!?? how mental is that?!? xxx

  5. Your pictures are great and I love the dress! :)

  6. Cute pictures darling!
    I also love feeding ducks and your dress fits you perfectly and I love the color!
    These are lovely snapshots you seem to have a beautiful time on every photos...

  7. Great pictures - you look lovely. Isn't feeding ducks at a duck pond fun? My boy and I make it a tradition to go to the duck/goose pond every year where we had our first real date.

  8. Lucky ducks getting some chocolate brioche! haha. I'm always a sucker for anything with polka-dots on it, so this dress is absolutely perfect :)

    Editor of Whim Online Magazine

  9. So cute! Love the dress and your location! Oh yes, and the duckies :-b Alex


  10. You are SO gorgeous! I love that you are able to wear this dress now that you've changed your hair, it looks so beautiful on you! Pink is one of my favorite colors and it looks even better with polka dots :D
    The shot of you feeding the ducks where they are both reaching out to you is so cute. I adore all water fowl, especially geese and swans. I think they are so interesting, they are so bossy and gutsy :P

  11. Oh my <3 those photos are so lovely <3 !!!!!

  12. aw I love feeding the ducks! :) that dress is so lovely on you!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  13. Goodness, you look darling! That dress is utterly precious. The sweet pink color and the retro style are delightful. I totally want to feed the ducks now; adding that to my to-do list! Following this charming blog. (:

    May the Force be with you.


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