1 Jun 2013

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

I'm sorry....I know it's probably the most cliche blog post title...but in my defence when am I ever going to get to use it again in this context? As lots of you know I have been in love with this stunning  dress by Sugarhill Boutique for what seems like forever and I finally got it for my birthday and it's even more wonderful on. 
The delicate printed chiffon, the minty green and the laced up back detailing- all the little details that add up to complete pretty-dress-perfection. I've been looking forward to Friday all week as I was meeting up my with dear friend Sandy. You've seen her here before and I've known her for years now back to days when we used to sell toys and nail art pens together. Ah...those were the days!
We planned to have a spot of lunch at our favourite 'Ed's easy Diner' for my Birthday, it's come somewhat of a tradition now for us. It's either that or Cha Cha Moon for noodles. Naturally I decided to wear my new milkshake dress for the occassion and to start we had Oreo milkshakes.

Dress- Sugarhill Boutique / Modcloth
Mary Janes- Ebay

Would like to thank my darling Sandy once again for a fantastic afternoon and treating me to a wonderful birthday lunch and my birthday cupcake! It got squashed mid- sandy-transit even after her being so careful! bless her! Regardless I still think it looked beautiful when I opened it! Lolas are my favourite cupcakes in the world! Love you girl! x


  1. Seems like you had a pretty perf day Rebecca! Those milkshakes sound great, and your dress is just so lovely and pretty and wonderful! It's such a gorgeous colour too! I love the post title , why not use it, it's in perfect context anyhow! xxx


  2. That is the most perfect outing for your adorable milkshake dress! I can't get over how adorable and retro these pictures look, you are so gorgeous! You are so lucky to have such a cute diner like this to hang out in, I only dream of places like this. The food looks pretty good too, especially that oreo milkshake :D

  3. the peanut butter shake from Ed's is literally the best in the world, EVER! It looks so quiet, so you got some awesome photos, love it :)
    Love the dress, there are some sweet dresses from Sugarhill.


  4. I haven't heard that song in a while. The dress is very pretty.


  5. I just found your blog through a recommendation on What Olivia Did and I love it!

  6. Great pictures :) Looks like fun!x

  7. Wow, what a lovely birthday! I love Ed's Easy Diner, its one of my favourite places - not just for the food, but for the cute retro decor as well :)
    Lovely blog!
    From Alice xx


    1. It's the best isn't it?! I always go for 'big bubba' burger and oreo milkshake everytime x

  8. oh my gosh! that dress is the cutest thing i´ve seen in a long time darling! i love that print and the back! and you found the perfect location to wear it and take pictures! you look sweet as candy darling!
    love and kiss,mary

  9. This dress and these photos are absolute perfection! I fell in love with the dress the moment I saw it on Modcloth and it looks adorable on you!


  10. Ahhhh the dress is absolutely gorgeous on you, and these photos are beautiful. Love your hair here, and the Mary Janes are perfect with the dress. Mine is waiting in my closet. It needs to be saved for a special occasion, I think. And yummy diner food. I want a milkshake now! Stunning as always!

    xox Sammi

  11. What an adorable dress, and the setting is perfect for it too!

  12. how adorable! I used to adore milkshake prints when I was little..had a scratch and sniff strawberry milkshake t shirt when I was 6! Where are your shoes from? I love white shoes with dresses like this but they are hard to find. Happy birthday!

  13. You look so gorgeous! I love these photographs so much, and am seriously craving a milkshake now!


  14. Milkshakes are awesome & you look too lovely & cute <3

  15. Awww great dress & great pics ... The diner looks fab too!

    CC x

  16. That's such a cute dress! Looks great on you. What a cool diner, too.



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