26 Jun 2013

Ocean Bride

I am so excited to bring you todays post brought to you by Robert Marriott Photography. Working part time in my other job I get to meet some really lovely people when I get nattering away to customers. Rob, his beautiful fiance Claire and I got chatting about all things vintage and in particular weddings (theirs is only a matter of weeks away now!). Both being bloggers we stayed in touch and decided to collaborate together in the future. 

Rob got in touch saying he had a vintage wedding dress dating back to the 1950's and asked if I would be up for a creative beach-front shoot.  I was jumping at the chance simply at the words...'Vintage', 'wedding dress' and 'beach front'- Hell yes I'm there! I am massively into my vintage clothing and it's no secret that the 1950's in particular is my favourite style.

The weather that day was incredible, we were extremely lucky but by the coast it was naturally very  very windy which meant bad times for my hair! The location was at the Reculver Towers, somewhere I had never been to before in Kent and as you can see, the most picturesque location. 

This is the original box that the dress and head garland came in which is very rare these days to see. This company no longer exists but it's so funny how wedding dresses today are very much still influenced by the vintage era. I would say this lace and button detailing on Kate Middleton's (now immortal) Wedding dress was reminiscent of vintage dresses such as this.

A massive Thank you to Robert! for such a fun shoot and the opportunity to model this incredible dress, I am so pleased with the results. You can 'like' him here on Facebook.

all photography by Robert Marriott Photography


  1. Lovely !!!

    Weren't you tempted to run off in it hehehe ;)



  2. This is such a beautiful and unique dress!! Very jealous...


    1. Thanks Claire it's quite amazing isn't it? x

  3. Even thought you say it was windy and not good for your hair - I think it looks great in the wind! Lot more natural. :-)

  4. wow! Literally that dress is just stunning! You gorgeous thing <3 I can never get over how much I just adore your blog, and all the posts, you're fresh but something I like. Adore your look and the photos, JUST PERFECT!!!


    1. thanks so much Steph! that is simply so lovely of you!! xx

  5. What a beautiful set of photos - I think this may be my absolute favourite blog post of yours! Gorgeous girl! x

  6. Gorgeous dress and amazing photography! :)

  7. You look incredible Rebecca! These pictures are all stunning, Robert is so so talented! That dress is just so so so beautiful! xxx


  8. fantastic photos! they came out so lovely
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  9. Wow - you look amazing in this dress - is it far off from your dream wedding dress? I wouldn't blame your man if he popped the question after seeing pics of you as a beautiful bride! Such a gorgeous setting for the shoot too. Love that it was one of your customers that offered to photograph you! xx

  10. Where was this dress when I got married 5 yrs ago?
    The photos are wonderful? Do you have any tips for other fashion bloggers like me on poses, etc that make for a great fashion shoot?

    1. Wow i'm extremely flattered to be asked that...as I always tend to think of myself as quite new to the blogging scene. I like to get creative with my locations to try and create a vibe and theme for my outfit. Sometimes it's hard to get an exciting location, but it's always quality and not quantity I believe.

      With poses I'm naturally quite experimental with throwing some shapes around with my arms, sometimes they work sometimes they don't (delete. delete. delete). I am also experienced with photographing other people so I imagine how I would direct them with poses.

      hope this helps! xxxx Rebecca

  11. Ohhhhhh my gosh, you look beauuutiful! This dress looks like it was made for you. And the location is perfect! Just stunning. I love that they have the original box it came in!!

    xox Sammi

  12. You look absolutely beautiful - I've always adored these types of dresses, you look so elegant! The location and everything is so well chosen.

    -Chloe. xxx


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