30 Jun 2013

Sharepenny Lane

Kent really does blow my mind time and time again with it's endless locations and little hidden gems. Given I am city girl born and raised, to now be converted to loving the country is so unlike the me I once was. But now this is where I want to get a house, have kids and spend the rest of my days. 
Saturday brought another day of beautiful weather and Jonathan and I hopped in the car and went on a little adventure to Lullingstone. The skirt I was wearing that day I borrowed from Jon's Mum and I simply love the retro vintage look to it.
Top- Primark
Skirt- Monsoon
Scarf- Vintage
Bag- Accessorize
Shoes- New Look
After a paddle and some ice cream we went for a walk along the country lanes. The area had the most quaint cottages that I simply fell in love with complete with foxgloves and white picket fences.  


  1. Aw your pictures are always so pretty! I love how summery these ones are. Your outfit is adorable too. I love the print on your skirt.

  2. I have this pipe dream that one day I will live in the middle of the countryside, maybe even have space for chickens. On the other hand I am so used to being in the city I think I would be at a complete loss without a co-op down the road that is open all night... These photos are amazing though, looks like so much fun and I love that skirt! xo

  3. Your photos always tell the prettiest stories! Looks like an idyllic day x

  4. Lovely photos x

  5. Gorgeous outfit! That skirt & bag is so cute. www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk

  6. What a romantic sweet picture c;
    You look nice as well! Very lovely!
    That ice cream truck looks really
    appealing :P Xx

  7. Love, love the skirt and what a beautiful place.

  8. I love these pictures, they look so whimsical! Beautiful skirt ♥

  9. Ohh this post is so darling. I love that little bus(??) for the ices! So much more charming than any ice cream truck around here, I think. You look so cute in this outfit, and I love the shots in the water. The one with the feet is so adorable. I want a bouquet of those purple flowers. I like that you enjoy both the city and the country. I live in a sizable city, but we're far upstate in New York, so people who are from New York City think we're really in the boonies. But since I went to college in the NYC area, I enjoy both as well. :)

    xox Sammi

  10. I think the thing I love best about your posts is you always seem so happy - and instantly put me in a good mood! It looks like a wonderful day and the house is so gorgeous - I live in the country and it's wonderful (originally from a city too though). (A little hard if you want to go to the shops though as we're a 10 minute drive from the nearest bus-stop!)
    Another beautiful outfit and post :)

    - Chloe. xxx

  11. Ahh- so beautiful- like a Summer fairy tale! I always get so excited to see new posts from you in my feed <3 Alex


  12. You're so cute! Those photos of you in the water are incredibly adorable. And I love this skirt!


  13. Such cute shots! I love your skirt!

    Xo, Hannah



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