10 Jun 2013

Sugar Mice and all things nice

Having the day off with Jon on Sunday was such a novelty for us both! Quick, what shall we do? Shall we hit the seaside? Go to the cinema? (I have yet to still see The Great Gatsby) Shopping? To be perfectly honest the weather was so horrible (and I spent so long getting ready!) a trip to the seaside was out of the question really....boo! Feeling it would be a waste to stay indoors and still very much wanting to venture out for the day, we decided on a trip down the road to lovely Rochester.  

Rochester has old fashioned sweet shops and charity shops galore and I managed to pick up some lovely goodies: a Lindt Creme Brulee chocolate bar (which is my favourite chocolate bar in the UNIVERSE!! and so so so hard to find! I highly recommend you try it!), some DVDS and some clothes for Jon, finished off by a quick stop in our favourite little cafe for a bit of afternoon tea...or in my case hot chocolate!

This pigeon totally photo bombed lots of these shots ha ha! 

Cardigan- Primark
Dress- Ruby Rox (Gift from my Sister)
Shoes- Vintage
Coat- Vintage
Satchel- Camden Market


  1. It looks so lovely there! I have always wanted to visit Rochester because of the name as I am a big Jane Eyre fan! :D Love your outfit and photography! Great post! :)

  2. Gorgeous dress, gorgeous shoes and gorgeous girl!! Those food photos look scrumptious (and UM A CREME BRULEE CHOCOLATE?! Why doesn't Lindt make those in the US?!?!). Also... I did a double-take because obviously you were not in my city (Rochester, NY), but in a much more quaint and lovely Rochester (from the sounds of it) in the UK. My Rochester does not have an abundance of sweet shops and charity shops, sadly.

    xox Sammi

  3. You look amazing - those shoes are gorgeous on you! Looks like a wonderful trip and the hot chocolate looks delicious! :)

    Chloe. xxx

  4. Looks like a lovely day. Your outfit is amazing too, you look gorgeous!

  5. Love your amazing photos :)

  6. you look perfect as always!!!! creme brulee lindt sounds amazing too, i have to get my hands on some!!!
    also Rochester looks lovely, nice to see you had a lovely day!
    lots of love xxxx

  7. Really gorgeous pictures! I adore the little red heels and how you matched them so well with the dress :) And that chocolate looks amazing!! How have I never heard of that before?!


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