23 Jun 2013

The trees and the fields shall clap their hands

This dress is a very special one to me and I've been waiting for the perfect day to wear it. Jon's Mummy Gilly wore it back in the 80's and kindly passed it down the generations to me. It's a vintage Laura Ashley dress with a delicate lace collar finished with a beautiful summer floral motif. In my opinion Laura Ashley isn't as good as it used to be, meaning dresses like this are a rare and precious commodity. I grew up wearing Laura Ashley dresses for special occasions when I was a kid and the stuff they used to design is now very much sought after by vintage collectors.

If you have a look on Ebay these days the most popular Laura Ashley dresses- those with the most bids- are the longer style ones like this. I usually don't like my tea dresses too long as they make me look shorter but stood in a field of wild flowers on a Summers day, it was difficult to imagine a more perfect dress to wear. 

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x Rebecca

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  1. Ohhh these are so beautiful. That dress is stunning on you, and you're right -- they don't make 'em like this anymore! Love the collar and sleeves, and the print is so summery. You look gorgeous, and I am obsessed with the sunset photos with you dancing in the field!!

    xox Sammi

  2. You look gorgeous Rebecca! That dress is beautiful, and it looks stunning on you! xxx


  3. I love your pictures and the dress is beautiful! I always really like the photography on your blog.


  4. This is beautiful Rebecca! The pictures and the lovely dress. The story behind it is so sweet! Thank you for sharing <3 Alex


  5. Beautiful dress and beautiful location for photo shoot!


  6. these photos are so dreamy, i love the first one, it's just perfect!

    the dress is gorgeous too, i love a good vintage Laura Ashley dress, they are always so well made! It makes it even better that it has such a lovely story to go with it too :)


  7. Lovely pictures, I have an old Laura Ashley dress that my mum used to wear in the 80s, it's not as lovely as yours though, mine only has straps rather than a collar and sweet sleeves

  8. absolutely stunning photos! i love this dress on you.
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  9. You look so pretty and feminine - I love how the dress is the main focus and there aren't loads of accessories to detract from it!

    - Chloe. xxx

  10. Ooh this makes me want my own dress! It's so beautiful :D

  11. This is just stunning, the photos are just so very beautiful and I adore the dress. Your life seems so perfect & pretty, it really puts a smile on my face when you share it with us xx

  12. Love this post, the photos look really good :)!
    I'm new to blogging so id love any advice you have!
    I have followed you.. please follow me back?
    chloe xx

  13. These pictures are stunning. You do all your own photography?

    xo Ashley

  14. These are such beautiful photographs and that dress is stunning! x


  15. you look so romantic and dreamy <3 i love it! your photos are amazing, especially that one where you lie <3

  16. Laura Ashley dresses are so beautiful, you are so lucky! These photos are so dreamy, they make me think of the Anne of Green Gables books :3

  17. Wow you look stunning c: The location is also
    beautiful, with that sunset in the background!
    The dress is really lovely ^__^ Xx


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