5 Jun 2013

**Wednesday' wants and wishes**

"If I was a rich girl ma na na na....." 
I hope you're having a splendid Wednesday! It's been a truly beautiful day here in Kent, the sun is high in the sky and not a cloud in sight! This is this week's wants and wishes.
Dear God,
Please grant me an epic Presenting job so I can I justify £485 
on a pair of Sophia Webster flamingo heels. 
I've been a really good girl all year (so far)
Thanks! X Rebecca :-)

When Charlotte Olympia released her 'Cosmic Collection' I fell in love with it and was 'Liking' her photos of them in Instagram like crazy. What's there not to love? A designer flat celebrating your star sign complete with hand-painted enamel, Swarovski crystals and a book telling you all about what your shoe says about you. Hell I'm a crazy Gemini and I'd quite like to have the Aries and Cancer pair also!

Major Shoe Porn right now!

Breakfast Fabric on Etsy
Rare Harry Potter fabric I love this but it costs a ridiculous amount.
'Candy Shop' Fabric Inspirations

1950's has to be my favourite fashion era; I'm lusting after so many beautiful dresses at the moment and here are just a few...
Vintage blue cotton 1950's dress- Etsy
1950's Vintage dress- Etsy
Lilac Tulle lace prom evening dress- ASOS Marketplace
'Love you bunches'- Modcloth

Disaster Designs Satchel- Campus Gifts
Sea Breeze Satchel- Campus Gifts


  1. The lilac dress is such a lovely colour :)

    The place I went for afternoon tea is in Greenwich/Blackheath.

    Oo btw the girl I sell at fairs with is having to stop doing it now so I think all her stuff will be on low prices for quick sales, as she needs to get rid of it all asap. I remember you liked one of her coats from before lol. (I'll be continuing to sell at fairs, will drag Mike with me instead haha. Going to change the shops name as well but will update you once I've sorted all that out after this fair).

    And yup, definitely. It would be good to hang out with you :) Went past your work on Saturday and poked my head in but couldn't see you. I try not to venture too far in as i'm like a kid in a candy store lol. xxx

  2. I love the idea of those Charlotte Olympia pumps, and everything else on this wishlist!
    Erin x


  3. I'm obsessed with watching Mad Men at the moment and they were wearing similar dresses in the episode I just watched! Definitely an inspiring era in fashion.

    I adore everything Charlotte Olympia does, it's all so perfect! *sigh* to have the money to just blow on shoes!

    Sinead xo
    ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  4. those flamingo shoes are so cool!! i love the novelty fabrics too!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  5. AAAHH! Those Taurus shoes are amazing! Damn it Rebecca, you've got me lusting after expensive shoes now! Also, Sophia Webster makes the quirkiest of cool shoes since Nicholas Kirkwood. You need that big-bucks presenting job and I need that big-bucks styling job! xx

  6. love sophia webster!!

    Francesca xo

  7. Those Charlotte Olympia flats are amazing! Love the polka dot Modcloth dress too :)

    Editor of Whim Online Magazine

  8. Sigh...I wish I could buy every pair of Charlotte Olympia flats, ever. Love that purple Modcloth dress too!


  9. Aaaand it should be no surprise to anyone that I love all of these things! Those flamingo shoes are amazing, and I love the zodiac flats. Charlotte Olympia has such incredible designs! I love the breakfast fabric! And I was lusting over that same purple ASOS marketplace dress! Adore those two satchels as well!

    xoxox Sammi


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