16 Jul 2013

A View from the bridge

It feels so good to be back home with my family in my hometown of Bristol for the past week or so. It can be incredibly hard living away from all my family and girlfriends. I do miss out on so much when I'm away. There have been times in the past when I've just wanted to pack it all in and move back home when times have got hard with work. The constant support of my Mummy (yes I call her Mummy she HATES being called 'Mum') over the years has been amazing. Always telling me to keep at it, keep pursuing my dream, stay strong and keep believing in myself. I'm so glad I did because we all have moments of weakness and if I moved home I would of never of have had experienced all the best things that have ever happened to me. I know in my heart that I am in the right place to be for my career and I've just got to continue to keep pushing and working hard.

Yesterday was a scorching hot day outside and with the help of my baby brother Trin (Who's 12 by the way!) he took my outfit shots while we were hunting down lots of the Gromit's around town.

Clifton Village has got to be my favourite area in Bristol- it's quaint, has the most beautiful houses, trendy little shops but notoriously difficult when it comes to finding a parking space! I kept it quite simple with minimal jewellery for this outfit. This cropped top from Primark I bought in a while ago in both black and white and it has been such an essential for me and my wardrobe in the summer months. It goes with simply everything. Wearing it with my elasticated skirts and I just tuck it in with a waist belt and done!

Top- Primark
Skirt- Forever 21
Belt- Camden Market
Bag- Nine West
Shoes- New Look
Glasses- Borrowed from Sister!

A big massive thank you to my baby brother Trin who took today's photos! He's only 12 years old and I've been teaching him a bit about photography (well what I try to create in photographs and what's important to me) and he did a fabulous job. So proud of you baby! Thank you! x


  1. I think your brother is a natural with the photography :) I love Bristol and Clifton is my favourite part.

  2. You look wonderful Rebecca! Your brother did a great job with the photos! I love your skirt! xxx


  3. That outfit is so cute! You look lovely, I love your style (&your blog!) :)Your brother is a natural behind that camera! x


  4. Your brother takes better pictures than me! I love that top so much. I've been looking for one like it with no success.

    I moved over 1000 from my family and friends for a career move and so far it's been a good choice. I do miss everyone dearly, but it's not so bad. Hang in there :)

    Life of Mabel

  5. wow I absolutely love your polka dot skirt, so pretty!!
    Ester from Drawing Dreaming

  6. You look so pretty! I love the off-the-shoulder top. And how cute and awesome that your little brother helped you out! :)

  7. These are great photos! He did a wonderful job. I love your outfit!! :D

  8. Chic outfit, esp lovin' ur skirt! Ur little brother did really do a good job with the pictures :)

  9. I love your skirt! I have far too many navy polkadot things in my wardrobe though.

  10. You look so so lovely, my dear. Your little brother did so well! It's hard being far from home. I've been living at home for the past couple of years and plan on moving back to NYC next year, but it's hard to keep focused on your dreams during the daily grind and missing what's familiar. Just keep at it :)

    xox Sammi

  11. I love the vintage look! So cute <3 Alex


  12. So beautiful and summery!! I really love that last shot of you, the way all of the colors of the background come together with your outfit is perfect :3

  13. Oh my, those photos are so romantic and I can feel the summer heat through them <3 You look beautiful honey !

  14. Just stumbled across your wonderful corner of the internet, awesome pictures!!


  15. I love your off-shoulder top! :) so cute!

  16. You look so stunning, and you make Bristol look really quite wonderful! And your 12 year old brother took these?? He's pretty good at it! Recruit them while they're young!

    http://www.ragsoflove.com/ xx

  17. You looks so lovely and vintage! Would you like follow each other?

  18. I've been away for 2 weeks and craving my Cinnamon-Slipper fix! Such a lovely post and so sweet that you got your brother involved. :) He did a really good job and you look amazing!

    - Chloe. xxx

  19. Aww massive well done to your little brother! The photos look fab :) Love the last one with the flowers the most. My mum is my rock too! She always knows how to make me feel more positive when I'm feeling down. What would we do without our mummy's? xx

  20. These shots are soooo beautiful- you look stunning, and so teeny in this outfit! I'm especially in love with your full skirt! Your brother did such a great job!!

    Xo, Hannah


  21. I absolutely adore this outfit. And your blog is so beautiful too! x


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