24 Jul 2013

Dreaming in jelly

Flower Crown- Wild Flower
Dress- Handmade
Jelly Shoes- JuJu from ASOS
Ankle socks- Primark
I am so giddy with excitement at the arrival of my Juju Jelly shoes! I was toying with the idea of getting a pair this Summer for ages and the other day in an impulsive moment I just clicked the buy button and bought them. I really am going through a pale blue phase at the moment, I just can't seem to get enough of it. It's one of those colours that is perfect for summertime and not one I get to wear often in the colder months. For me it was between getting the glitter pair or the blue and in the end I went with the blue and I am so pleased with them.

I was a huge jelly shoe lover when I was younger back in the 90's with a trusty pair or 2, or 3, or 4, or maybe even 5 from Worlworths (may you R.I.P). To this very day I look back at old photos and I'd be wearing them with tights (even black ones? really?!) and my favourite had to be my pink glitter pair I had.

I wore these all day at work and they were insanely comfortable with a pair of ankle socks. I received dozens of compliments from customers on my outfit that day which was nice as I did have a moment of- maybe I'm looking a bit over the top today? Nah!

I will say if you are going to wear them all day long that socks are a must as jelly shoes do like to get a little bit sweaty after long periods of time (any true jelly lover will know this!).

I'd love to know what your thoughts on Jelly shoes are? are you a lover or a hater?

x Rebecca

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  1. I've yet to take the plunge with jelly shoes but I feel like I'm getting closer everyday, there's just too many colours to choose from! Love how you matched them with your flower crown, so cute! x

    | Taxi for Jackson |

  2. Huge lover, they look adorable, just like the rest of the combination :)

  3. These are such a lovely colour, jelly shoes remind me of primary school because we were allowed to summer, love that they're a trend now!

    The Little Things

  4. I love jellies, I have a pair of kids lilac/purple ones with no heels (yay for having size 2/3 feet). Although, I really want the same pair as yours but in pink hehe. x

    1. pink had sold out in my size! everywhere! :-( you're so lucky you have small feet! x

  5. I lived in jellies in the late 80s/early 90s. I loved them so much! I found them to be uncomfortable, however, but that never stopped me from wearing them. I love powder blue as well! One of my favorite colors :)

    Life of Mabel

  6. so cute! gorgeous photos. I had a glittery pink pair of jelly shoes as a kid too. I think I must have worn them like all summer (as well as a pair of wellies. I had a weird thing for wellies...)

    Francesca xo

  7. Great photos! You look beautiful as always, I love your dress!
    I used to have jelly shoes when I was younger!
    Danielle xo


  8. I'm totally obsessed with jelly shoes too, but I'm a bit scared to go for the trend and buy myself a pair. I'm not sure if I could pull them off! But they look super cute on you and you're inspiring me to try them!! Love the color.

    Xo, Hannah


  9. Wonderful outfit - you really pull off the jelly shoes! They're such a sweet colour too, very summery. X

  10. You look wonderful - I'm obsessed with jelly shoes! I have a flip-flop pair so unfortunately you can't wear socks with it :( Cue a lot of tripping when your feet lose their grip!
    I'm pleased to see pieces I've seen in your previous blogs be reused into a whole new outfit! Hope you're well,

    - Chloe. x

  11. yay i love jelly shoess <3 those are so YOU

  12. Beautiful! Loving the JuJus :)

  13. I remember, having a pair but I can't remember do your feet slide about in them?


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