10 Jul 2013

Pick your own

YES! another gorgeous day of sunshine and hot enough to wear a play/ romper/ jump suit! Jonathan and I had been planning to go strawberry picking for ages now and when I finished work the other day we set off. What an epic fail that was! I think I tempted fate wearing the strawberry print, only for us to arrive at the gates and for a giant sign to say 'NO STRAWBERRIES'. Both letting out a cry of 'nooooooo!' and a few other less choice words...naturally. 

What do you mean there's no strawberries left to pick? Grow some more!? Don't you know I'm a strawberry fan? See look I'm wearing a strawberry suit. Gutted.

There were other things to pick such as rhubarb, blackberries, runner beans....but that's just not the same really. (My true inner 8 year old spoilt brat coming out here!). I was gutted as I have never been strawberry picking in my life- It's on my life list (that and milking a cow at some point!).

To cheer ourselves up we walked next door to the local garden centre to check out the Aqautica section. Which has always been my favourite part of a good garden centre- checking out the fish! Giant £90.00 Koi anyone? That instantly lifted our spirits- It's fair to say Jon was equally as gutted he had been waiting around all day for me to come home and go. After wondering around the garden centre we did actually come across some 'plant your own' strawberries! Hurray!

I simply adore this playsuit that I picked up for absolutely nothing last year in the ASDA George sale. I have never bought anything before from their clothing section but this print is perfect and it's one I won't be throwing away any time soon. I was seriously impressed with the fit and design of it having a draw string waist and pretty criss cross back detail.

Strawberry Playsuit- ASDA Geoege (someone on ebay is selling one here!)
adscarf- Belt from a dress
Satchel- Camden Market

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  1. Rebecca! Thank you for your lovely comment, your gorgeous girly! Last time i visited your blog a couple of days ago, I couldn't find the GFC button to follow your blog. But i've just logged on to my bloglovin account to follow you! :-) xxx

  2. I love your playsuit! And you are so adorable! Sorry there weren't any strawberries :/ I went tomato picking one day and it was such hard work, I thought I was going to pass out!

    Life of Mabel

  3. What a perfect playsuit! I love fruit-printed clothing because I love fruit and I love to pick it. I would've be SO upset if I went to pick something and there were none left. :( Did you look up any other orchards in the area? Maybe they have some left to pick! I made sure to pick cherries this year as it's been on my list of fruit to pick since I never have before. I can't wait to post about it! Pick your own is the best. :)

  4. Beautiful little playsuit! I love anything with a fruit print, hehe. And oh nooooo, that's such a bummer!!! I haven't gone strawberry picking since I was little (a farm that's close by is no longer open for the public to pick strawberries!). I'm glad you got some kind of strawberry for yourself, though! You look so lovely, as always!

    xox Sammi

  5. These pictures are lovely
    love the playsuit
    Chloe x

  6. So adorable! Love the romper and it looks amazing with the location ( super cute and quaint by the way!) Alex


  7. Awwwh I'm sorry you didn't get to go strawberry picking! You still look super cute though. <3

    Greta xoxo

  8. I love your style and all of your pictures are so lovely. Really enjoying reading your pretty blog xx

  9. Too bad you couldn't pick any but at least you looked cute.. not.. doing it..? :D

    xo Ashley


  10. I have been wanting to go strawberry picking and I know of a place nearby a beach. Seems perfect but it's a hour+ drive and now I'm afraid there won't be any left!
    It's just not the same thing if you aren't picking strawberries!!
    The dress is super cute!

  11. Oh no... no strawberries?! I totally would have had the same reaction! All the same, at least you had a little adventure, and you look absolutely perfect in this strawberry playsuit! I also love your pretty polkadot headscarf! You're a true beauty.

    Xo, Hannah


  12. super cute playsuit. love your blog :)


  13. Sorry you didn't get to pick strawberries, but at least you look fantastic!

    Love, Amy

  14. That's so cute that you dressed for the theme!! We went strawberry picking a few weeks ago, but I know the season is done here. Blackberry picking is really almost the same, but only if you like blackberries! :P

  15. The playsuit is gorgeous and I love it with your scarf.Sorry for the uneccesary walk(atleast you took good pics).New on your blog and love that.I can see you're a nail artist and fashion blogger like me.

  16. Beautiful playsuit ! Love it <3
    Evia x

  17. Gorgeous post sweetie, you look great in srawbs print!! <3

  18. Aw, gutted you didn't get any! But there might be other farms in the area you can try? Or go for blueberries or cherries which are also in season...
    You do look awesome in that strawberry romper. I love how it goes with your accessories and everything, you look delightfully summery.

  19. Aw this strawberry romper is just adorable. I love that you wore it to a strawberry patch!


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