28 Jul 2013

Shrinking Violet

It's fair to say that today's blog post wasn't going to exist until I had a sudden change of heart. These photos have been sitting on my camera for a few days now after I wasn't initially happy with them. I drove to a pretty little woodland and I don't know what was going on with me that day, but my camera skills and general face poses were all off. Does that sound totally ridiculous? We all have off days when us girls hate every photo- delete, delete, delete...oh no what have I done I have no photos?! 

Lots of you ask who takes my photos and majority of time it's just me and my friend Miranda (my tripod!). If I'm somewhere more public it's usually Jon when we have a day off together. I'm forever practising with my photography and always striving to get better shots. It's tough because I on one hand like to get creative and drum up something magical and lovely. I have a zillion ideas in my head how I would like something to look but just can't quite seem to always nail it in terms of focus and aperture etc.

I am trying to get the hang of shooting in manual mode on my DLSR which is a bit adventurous but it's something which gets better results. I'm not going to lie I do get it wrong lots of time. Which I know is all part of learning but when I look back I get frustrated as I am a perfectionist. 

Dress- Diksi
Flower Crown- Claires Accessories
Mary Janes- Ebay

Anyway back to today's dress. WOW. Where do I begin to stress how much I am in love with dress? The first time I had the pleasure of seeing this beauty of dress by Diksi was on the very wonderful Miss Paige Joanna. In one of her most beautiful posts- (aren't they all beautiful?) 'She Wakes up confused'When she decided to have a blog sale (which is seriously worth checking out while there's some gems left! ie: her mermaid shoot dress) I was delighted to see the magical purple dress was in there and I quickly snapped it up. She really does have the most beautiful taste in clothing and some of the most fantastic personal styling on the net.

 The minute I tried this on almost instantly put me into a magical, fairy kind of state. I felt calm, magical and girlie. I felt like I wanted to break into a classical ballet number with this beautiful - and I might add glittered tulle skirt. It really is the most breathtaking dress and I plan to wear this again later this month to a friends wedding. I kept it really simple and pure with minimal makeup with just some barbie coloured lipstick by MAC 'Pink Nouveau' a shade I haven't worn in a very long time and I feel it suited this outfit perfectly. 

Hoping you have a lovely day!

Rebecca x

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  1. Ahhh I TOTALLY get what you mean! I am pretty bad at posing and facial expressions so a lot of the time I take some blog photos only to see that they are not going to work! It's frustrating and I think you are one of the only bloggers out there that has admitted to having moments like this - I was starting to think I was the only one.

    That said, I think this post still turned out wonderful! You are a dream in lavender, it's one of my favorite colors but I feel it just looks better on you dark haired girls - so I am loving this dress on you :)

  2. I love your photography, and since looking through your blog, it has improved a huge amount and no doubt it will continue too. I have been blogging 3 and half years, and will still look back just a year ago, and think how much I've improved (let a lone 3 years ago!) but that's what it's all about, my blog is my diary, and although I feel a little cringey over the early posts, it just shows how far Stephanie Dreams have come.
    I adore your shots, and locations, they're always so pretty and fun! Just perfect.
    The dress is amazing on you, looks really good, such a good find in Paige's blog sale :) xx


  3. That dress is gorgeous, and your photos are so beautiful! I know what you mean about the those days when photos just don't seem right, its so annoying! Well done on such a good find:)


  4. You look amazing in this dress, i knew it would be perfect on you! And your photos are amazing as usual :)

  5. Such a pretty dress, definitely suits a walk in the woods..magical!


  6. I know exactly what you mean girl, we all have our days off...! But this dress a absolutely magical, and I'm glad you decided to send this post anyway! Thank you! :-)

  7. Aw, I think these photos are amazing! I am glad you went with them in the end. Also, I have those shoes! I actually wore them on my wedding day, but I really want to do a post where I wear them normally soon. I can't wait to wear them with little cute socks so the colours poke through the hearts.

  8. I hate my blog photos more often than not! But I think these are lovely. Your dress is the prettiest I've seen all week! I wish I could have one of my own :)

    Life of Mabel

  9. I'm so glad you did decide to add this post - you look absolutely beautiful! The dress is stunning and your photos look magical :) I'd like to start my own blog but I'm worried about the posing - I'm not used to being photographed and more often than not I have an 'off' day! Thankyou for posting such beauty!

    Chloe. x

  10. You look just like a doll <3 So beautiful, so unreal <3


  11. Seriously gorgeous, I love the photos too :) X

  12. Gorgeous, like a true fairytail :D

  13. this outfit is adorable<3

  14. You look just like a fairy, my dear. This is one of my favorites, and I'm so glad you changed your mind about posting the photos!!! This dress is a dream on you. I have a ton of those every-photo-is-horrible days (I was just going through some photos from the other day, and ALMOST EVERY ONE IS BLURRY), and I'm always doing a trial and error thing with my camera. It can be frustrating because, like you, I have so many ideas in my head and know how I want things to look, but I just lack the know-how. It's a process, I suppose. Desperately want this dress. The yellow version of it was on super sale at ModCloth and I had it in my cart, but just didn't pull the trigger. Had it been in the lavender, I would have!!

    xox Sammi

  15. Oh way, you look so wonderfully ethereal! This is beyond lovely.

  16. Yup- I get it! Especially when you are trying to shoot selfies- so frustrating sometimes! But yes, manual shooting is so worth the effort. I used to shoot everything in auto until I realized what a difference manual makes. Now I'll never go back!

    That outfit- adorable! And I love the shoes! Alex


  17. That dress look so magical, the color really suits you.

    Gen | raspberry-notes.blogspot.com

  18. such a lovely dress!! you look like a darling :) I absolutely adore the look!

  19. I love that you are so independent with your photography! I really want to get the hang of taking photo's by myself with my tripod, but I'm always too scared to venture off somewhere like a forest by myself haha (paranoid I know!) They have turned out so well, and the violet looks so whimsical on you!
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

    1. I've just got so used to it now...and when people walk by I usually just say 'hello' and they pretty much alway asked what I'm doing...then I continue when they leave! he he! xxx

  20. You look incredible in this lilac dress, just like a beautiful little fairy in the woods!! It's a beautiful color on you and really suits you!

    Xo, Hannah


  21. Oh you look absolutely stunning in that dress! So ethereal, like a woodland nymph! I'm almost tempted to buy it myself but I need to save my pennies ahhh!

    Cara xxx


  22. That dress is absolutely beautiful! And you look so perfect. I hate those bad photoshoot days where it seems nothing is coming out the way you want it. Either the lighting is off or you feel like you look weird in everything or just SOMETHING. We all have those days, though. But these pictures are pretty! :)

  23. OH
    GLOB (Adventure Time reference - do you watch it?)

    I'm sad you almost scrapped these pictures as they are GORGEOUS! That dress looks an absolute dream on you ;__; I know how frustrating the photography side of blogging can be, but you have nothing to worry about as you are quite wonderful ♡


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