23 Jul 2013

Wish you were here

I've just got back from the most amazing weekend away with my favourite boys/ men in the world. Jonathan and I took my two younger brothers away for a caravan holiday by the seaside down in Brean, but with brief a stop over in Weston-Super-Mare first. We couldn't have planned a better time to go as the weather was simply scorching hot and I do believe it was the hottest day of the year so far in England. It's fair to say Rebecca Tan actually caught a tan that day! ha ha (see what a did there?...oh yes I did!)

Armed with our buckets and spades and Poundland water guns the boys and I were all set. We spent the entire afternoon making sandcastles, swimming in the sea, hitting the ice cream stand and firing the water guns at the remarkably aggressive and fearless seagulls- which was hysterical! oops!

It really was quite surreal sitting on a British beach in a bikini; this I can say I haven't done for many, many years and it was simply marvelous. I was going for a retro style this day with my classic La Senza Bikini and a little dash of red lipstick. Everything in our bag ended up covered in sand- which also included my camera eeek! Sand aside it was a simply perfect day.

Have you been to beach yet this Summer? If so what are your beach essentials?

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  1. These pictures are so lovely! Sounds like you all had an awesome day! xxx


  2. I love your polkadot bikini and cute sunglasses! It looks like you had quite an amazing weekend :) My friend Anna and I recently went to a great beach in Chicago, and I would say my essentials are a large sun hat, bronzer/tanning oil, a good book, and an ice cream cone!!

    Xo, Hannah


    1. ice cream cone, oil, sounds, good book! sounds great to me! x

  3. Weston is my local because but I have honestly never thought about spending a day on the ACTUAL beach because the tide is usually so far out! But it looks like you had a lovely time, and I love your bikini :)

    1. I meant local beach... oops!

    2. No way! Weston takes me back to my childhood and the tide was ridiculously far out so we headed to the pier first then in came in around 1:30pm and kept coming in further for an actual swim! xxx

  4. Oh my friend, you look simply stunning! What a picturesque beach day. I'm so jealous you can get to the seaside... all we have around here are lakes, which are not BAD, but they aren't the ocean! I want to put my toesies in the sand! And how did you get the Coke bottle with your name on it?? Lovely as usual, and I'm so glad you had a great time!

    xox Sammi

    1. Coke are doing that thing right now with coke bottles with random names on them and I've been hunting for a 'Rebecca' forever and I found one right before our trip away!! Is America doing this edition at the moment?? I have seen a 'Samantha'! xxxx

  5. Aw you're adorable, love you're suit! Sounds like a wonderful time. I haven't been to the beach yet this year, of in the past 2 years!!! I really need to go!

    Life of Mabel

  6. You look amazing - simple but beautiful and classic. It looks like such a wonderful day, I adore days spent out with my family. Amazing photography and everything as always!

    - Chloe. x

  7. Those sunglasses are the best! You look so cute :)

    Whimsy Darling


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