30 Aug 2013

Swan Lake

Let todays post be a lesson to all fashionistas and bloggers- Do not attempt to feed and photograph with Swans! I'll be the first to admit I am very adventurous with my locations. I'll go pretty much any length to create an awesome photo. I've trespassed peoples land, jumped fences, ripped tights, gone in the sea, wrecked various shoes with mud, blagged my way into fantastic locations and knocked on people's doors to use their gardens. Yep I've managed to of done a lot so far in my time as a blogger and I could say I've faced the fear of posing in public. Which is still awkward at times when you have an audience, I will say though it's not too bad when you have someone else taking the photos. Like these ones Jon managed to capture the Swan in action.
It all started off innocently enough Jonathan, his Mum and Dad and I all fed the swans with the rolls I took from the breakfast buffet (cheeky!). Until when I got to share my roll a big giant swan- probably the biggest of bunch climbed out the water and headed towards me. I was terrified which you can probably see from the shots of him getting ridiculously close to me. I tried to walk away from him but he kept chasing me, Crazy swan! So getting a decent outfit shot amongst the swans turned out to be a bit of epic fail as I was attacked by a hungry Swan!

This outfit was my final outfit that I wore on the last day of the Twinwood Festival. I saved this dress as the weather was predicted to be sunny and warm on the last day. Now if you asked me what my favourite dress is in my wardrobe and if there was a fire what would I grab? This dress and my diaries every single time. This dress is one of a kind and is my lucky dress. I adore the satin fabric, the exotic print, and the craft manship on the bodice quite extraordinary. Whenever I wear it I feel fabulous and it instantly puts me in a brilliant mood. I have yet to find a dress by 'Diva' that has compared to it since everything else they do now is very different which is a shame. 
Dress- Diva Catwalk
Shoes- Ebay
Sunglasses- Bought from Twinwood

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x Rebecca

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28 Aug 2013

Yester year

I have a confession to make: I really am not festival go'er. Controversial? Perhaps, but I really am not a happy camper. I just don't enjoy camping and I've come to realise it's simply not me.  Maybe I'm getting old, but in my defence I do have atopic eczema and hay fever and frankly I really don't enjoy 'roughing' it. Despite my fear of festivals I attended Twinwood Festival this weekend with Jonathan and his parents. Before I go any further we did stay in a local hotel!

It was seriously one of the best events I've been to in a very very long time. It couldn't of come at a better time really, it was very much needed as I've had a really tricky week or so. It's been a week of disappointments and I'm not one to let it get to me but for some reason as a consequence I've lacked inspiration and motivation. It is unlike me but kind of explains the lack of posts in the past week or so. I'm pleased to report though things are back on track and I do hope you enjoy my personal highlights over the two days I attended Twinwood.

What I wore on day 1- Dress- Vintage
Shoes- Vintage
What was incredible to see was the turn out of people dressed in Vintage attire, I'd say a good 80% were dressed up at the festival. I could have taken photos all day long of the some of the outfits I saw but these were a few I selected from the bunch I took over the two days. The festival had classic cars and tent after tent of vintage clothing. It was so hard to choose what to buy and the stuff I really wanted to buy cost a lot. (See the blue tulle dress below! It was my favourite of the festival but way out of my price range!).
I went to dance classes, walked around the museum, listened to some of the most fantastic performances, shopped, sang along with some my favourite 40's songs, shopped some more and ate (alot!); it really was my kinda weekend. 


On the second day I went back into one of the vintage clothing tents I really loved that I saw on the previous day called 'Heyday!' a Vintage reproduction that had some of the most gorgeous dresses. One one of the girls working there had the most adorable two piece playsuit on and I think she just looked fantastic! I asked where she got it from and naturally it was from their shop. I wouldn't in a million years have noticed it on the hanger, as I'm all about the dresses but after trying it on I fell in love with it instantly. As I do have a larger bottom I am selective in what I wear but I felt this playsuit was so flattering as I got to select different sizes for the top and shorts. So here is me and my Twinwood Twin! This has to be my favourite purchase from the festival. Expect a post with it very very soon! x

Playsuit two piece set- Heyday! Vintage Style 

26 Aug 2013

Reet Petite

I've only got in the door a few hours ago from my amazing weekend away at the Twinwood Festival. It was such an incredible weekend and my first ever trip to this particular festival.While most people this bank holiday weekend were enjoying Notting Hill Carnival, I took a trip back to yester year. I've decided that an entire 'Twinwood' related post will be coming up after this outfit post, as there is just too many photos. Day one I wore this little number which I haven't worn ever since it was kindly gifted to me from a family friend. The quality of it is fantastic, complete with boning in the bodice which is something I really rate and something you really don't get these days in dresses. If you're looking to define your waist and upper torso it's all about the boning.

I was simply giddy with excitement all day long and the classic cars on display were incredible. The owner of this Cadillac car actually let me sit in it and do my thing. What a lovely gent he was! It was possibly the most incredible car I've ever been in. If I win the lottery one of these beauties will most definitely be one of my impulse luxury purchases.

Dress- Vintage
Shoes- Vintage
Earrings- Primark
Orchid- Monica's Vintage Fair
Sunglasses- Bought that day from the festival

I recently lost my favourite retro sunglasses so I was on a hunt that day for a new pair and I picked up this beautiful blue beauties! Which I am completely obsessed with. I've got quite a long face and some of the smaller retro sunnies don't suit me so finding a pair that works is a rarity!

Stay tuned for more of my adventures at Twinwood

x Rebecca 

19 Aug 2013

When I grow up

Saturday 17th was an extremely special day, one of my childhood best friends Amy got married to her sweetheart and best friend Grant. I'm gonna take you on a trip down memory lane. I've known Amy since I was 11 years old and she was one of the first friends I made when I first started the big scary world of Secondary School. She was in my tutor group and we lived only a road apart and became friends instantly. We walked to school together everyday for years, spent the majority of our lunch money at the local sweet shop on Malteasers and flump marshmallows. She was always infinitely cooler than me choosing to rock up to school in her excuse for our school uniform and she was the first person I knew to have a mobile phone.

Today I looked back at old photos of us and got really emotional! How insane is that? But a happy emotional; at how much we've changed, learnt and grown as girls who you could now say are women. Ahem...someone cue the Britneys Spears please.... "I'm not a girl...not yet a woman...." ha ha! 

I really cannot get over how time really flies and how much we've all grown. It's quite scary really, the times us girls used to sit around talking about which boys we fancied- (we actually wrote out one day who we wanted to marry and what kind of man they would be). We'd spend hours on MSN Messenger, we'd play The Sims at each other's house and when we got a little older is was all about how to score alcohol at the next sleepover! Yikes!

It was a simply magical day filled with lots of laughs and magical moments....Did I mention I caught the BOUQUET!! hahahah! You have to check out the video below of how rowdy it got...not one of my most elegant moments! ha ha.

What I wore....Dress- French Connection
Shoes- New Look
Flower Hair Clips- Claires Accessories

So here's to here's to you Amy and Grant 
may you share a lifetime of love, laughter, health and happiness. 

xxx Becky
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