6 Aug 2013

Cake cake cake

This is the second series of photos with my shoot with Robert Marriott Photography this time wearing this fabulous dress I purchased from Megan- from The Briar Rose blog. It's no secret I spend majority of my spare time on Instagram and when I noticed Megan was selling this little beauty I just had to have it. I love when other bloggers sell their clothes in blog sales and I've done this twice now and it's great. When I read other blogs and comment that I love something I genuinely mean it! 

Now I'll be the first to admit that dress is very out there and I know it's not everyones taste, but for me it's so much fun. By now lots of you know my fashion and styling taste is pretty varied and I have a serious weakness for prints. The dress is originally from ASOS and the detail is adorable- complete with a victoria sponge cake, party rings and Mr Kipling lemon cakes. With dresses like this because of the netting, sleeves and colours it's a very 'occasional' dress- by that a dress that is quite loud and not one you can wear very often. As much as I love novelty dresses like this I also like my clothes to have longevity and to most importantly to be wearable time and time again. So since this shoot I have begun to make some alterations and adjustments to it. The bodice part of dress didn't fit so well with gaping in parts so I've taken it in and removed the sleeves so I can team it casually in future as well as the netting underneath which was in quite the sorry state! (I do remember Megan referring to this!) Stay tuned as I'm going to re-work this dress again this month no doubt!

I still can't get over when we were shooting that day when Rob said he drove past a field with a random sofa in it and wondered if I'd be up for using it as a location. Strangely enough when we got there the sofa was still there abandoned amongst all the corn. How bizarre?! As Alice would say...Curiouser and curiouser....

A massive thank you once again to Robert Marriott Photography for photographing today's post!


  1. Stunning! I'm a sucker for prints too so I appreciate this dress a lot. :D

  2. I have the shirt version of this dress and i Loooove it, sometimes its cool to have a crazy print :D

  3. This dress is so cool! I have a weakens for prints too.

  4. You are so gorgeous honey!!! Can't get over it sometimes!! lol beautiful x x x

  5. That dress really is so pretty! Absolutely gorgeous, and I love all the cute little details! xxx


  6. What a beauty of a dress!

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhh it's my dream dresssss! It looks beautiful on you, though seeing it on, I agree with your decision to remove the sleeves. Ugh oh man. Someone else please sell this dress in a UK 12 so I can buy it and die a happy girl. You are the most adorable!

    xox Sammi

  8. This cake dress is too cute for words!! I love the shots of you jumping!

    Xo, Hannah


  9. This is such a quirky dress and yet so me! Combining both fashion and food - what more could you want? I'm not very comfortable wearing things with the back cut out but it looks stunning on you :)

    Chloe. x

  10. I am such a fan of cake dresses. Who doesn't love cake? I wish could dance around in such a pretty number

    xx Carina

  11. Delicious :P Seriously though looking at these pictures I am left with an incredible craving for cake, donuts and muffins! And tea!
    I really love everything about this dress, perfect cut and especially that heart on the back :) And again these are stunning photos, the collaborations between you and this photographer have been fantastic!

  12. Ahh one of my dream dresses! I'm all about novelty dresses too :') I think it's so sweet you buy from blog sales - you are an angel through and through! And that last picture? TOO SWEET <3

  13. I love this dress!!! And I especially love the belt :)

    Life of Mabel


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