1 Aug 2013

Do you still wait for me, Dream Giver?

Tuesday evening was a rare and magical evening where I finished work early enough to catch the sunset with Jonathan. It's been a while since Jon's been able to photograph for my blog, it's a novelty nowadays and I seriously appreciate whenever he does. As much as I love Miranda (the tripod) I think something magical happens when someone you love takes them and you can seriously tell the difference I think in my expressions. Does that sound lame? He makes me laugh and makes fun of me throughout. "Yeah babe that last one your eyes were closed" "Yeah that's boring do another pose" "You're a tiger! You're a Lemur! you're an animal!" ha ha! Seriously it's hilarious that's usually the running commentary during a shoot between us as a couple.

So we jumped a fence and trespassed onto the most beautiful corn field overlooking the glorious amber sunset. The weather that day was overcast with patches of showers and for the first time in a very long time I didn't have a clue what to wear. I came across this 'Lucky Brand' skirt I've had for over 8 years in the attic and decided to show it the light of day once again. Instantly after putting it back on I remembered why it's one I've kept after all this time. It skims even the most bootylicious curves and flows out to a generous waterfall cut, swishing away when you walk; very gypsy-esque.

I was channelling a boho-chick this day, complete with a floppy hat and prayer beads (one of my beautiful Birthday presents from my bestie Kayla!).

Hat- Soho Hat Shop
Tube Top- Dorothy Perkins
Skirt- Lucky Brand
Necklace- Gift from Kayla
Earrings- Forever 21
That same morning I woke up to receive an exciting package in post from Saima Majid- An exciting up and coming Fashion and Textile designer with creative flair and the most beautiful prints. The attention to detail in her collection is really quite stunning and there is nothing quite like it out there. It's no secret that I'm a fan of scarves and lots of you have seen me style the same baby blue scarf on The Cinnamon Slipper on several occasions.

Whether it be in my hair, around my skirt or bag I believe that a decent scarf is a worthy investment that every girl should have within her accessories collection. I often leave a scarf in my bag permanently as a back up in the cooler summer days. You don't have commit yourself to a scarf as it doesn't weigh your bag down like a cardigan, when you're abroad on holiday it's far more chic to have a scarf draped on those sun kissed shoulders in the evening and generally a contemporary pattern is mandatory.

I was simply delighted when I was able to select any scarf from the collection and 'Layla' immediately sang to me. You can see why- soft pink roses, silver trinkets and a powder blue polka-dot background- a perfect display of sheer elegance and romance. Exquisitely packaged all the way through, I honestly felt like it was my birthday morning when it arrived! Her scarves are made of the finest compositions 70% wool and 30% silk which creates the softest and most luxurious finish to the touch.

This scarf I decided would be a versatile colour and pattern as I could see myself styling it in summer as a shawl, head-scarf and bag scarf and in winter it would naturally be be permanently attached around my neck with it's beautiful graphic print on full display.

Saima Majid has very kindly offered to all readers of 'The Cinnamon Slipper' a 10% discount on all the full priced scarves simply enter SMSS13 to receive this offer. 'Valentina' is also a favourite of mine in her collection which is currently on sale. Definitely worth checking out ladies as before we know if Autumn is around the corner and you may want to start thinking what scarf you'll be sporting! 


  1. You look wonderful Rebecca! That scarf is beautiful, and these pictures are absolutely stunning! xxx


  2. Amazing photo's, Jon's a pro! aha.
    You look absolutely beautiful and so do the surroundings! I absolutely love your scarf too, it's adorable!
    Danielle xo


  3. These photos are beautiful and the boho inspired outfit you are wearing is lovely. The scarf is super cute and you have given me so many ideas of how I can style one all year round instead of just in Autumn/Winter x

    1. Thanks Laura! really glad you've some inspiration! :-D xxx

  4. Oh wow, what a pretty scarf!!!

    Is your post title referring to "Just Around the River Bend" from Pocahontas??? lol

    Life of Mabel

    1. TEN POINTS TO MABEL!! hee hee yes it is!! spot on! i WONDERED how long it would be until the true disney fans would twig!! hee he x

  5. Glad you could catch the sunset! Love the photos and your outfit is just gorgeous! I really like your denim skirt and the scarf is the perfect touch!


  6. Very stunning! Another wonderful dose of inspiration, and now I'm thinking about scarfs and flowers and sun light! Perhaps if anything comes from today, it will be this positive boost I just received! It feels good to be female!

    1. Yes! Rebekah! you sweet sweet thing! oh i'm so glad this has given you a boost! it's great to be feminine and alive! xxxx

  7. that scarf is just love and you look so beautiful in the photos :) x

  8. Holy cow, you look STUNNING. These photos are beautiful, and I love the boho chic inspiration. It's so nice that you and your boy can collaborate like this; Steven makes me way too nervous and I frankly kind of like the process of taking my own photos -- I just wish they came out more clearly! This scarf is beautiful, too. Sigh. Lovely lovely lovely.

    xox Sammi

  9. Loooove your hat and scarf!

    Xo, Hannah


  10. Can't believe I almost missed this post! You look wonderful and I love the location. I'm always so happy to read your blog and know how you're getting on - you create such a lovely atmosphere on the blog! The scarf is gorgeous too, good choice!

    Chloe. x


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