30 Aug 2013

Swan Lake

Let todays post be a lesson to all fashionistas and bloggers- Do not attempt to feed and photograph with Swans! I'll be the first to admit I am very adventurous with my locations. I'll go pretty much any length to create an awesome photo. I've trespassed peoples land, jumped fences, ripped tights, gone in the sea, wrecked various shoes with mud, blagged my way into fantastic locations and knocked on people's doors to use their gardens. Yep I've managed to of done a lot so far in my time as a blogger and I could say I've faced the fear of posing in public. Which is still awkward at times when you have an audience, I will say though it's not too bad when you have someone else taking the photos. Like these ones Jon managed to capture the Swan in action.
It all started off innocently enough Jonathan, his Mum and Dad and I all fed the swans with the rolls I took from the breakfast buffet (cheeky!). Until when I got to share my roll a big giant swan- probably the biggest of bunch climbed out the water and headed towards me. I was terrified which you can probably see from the shots of him getting ridiculously close to me. I tried to walk away from him but he kept chasing me, Crazy swan! So getting a decent outfit shot amongst the swans turned out to be a bit of epic fail as I was attacked by a hungry Swan!

This outfit was my final outfit that I wore on the last day of the Twinwood Festival. I saved this dress as the weather was predicted to be sunny and warm on the last day. Now if you asked me what my favourite dress is in my wardrobe and if there was a fire what would I grab? This dress and my diaries every single time. This dress is one of a kind and is my lucky dress. I adore the satin fabric, the exotic print, and the craft manship on the bodice quite extraordinary. Whenever I wear it I feel fabulous and it instantly puts me in a brilliant mood. I have yet to find a dress by 'Diva' that has compared to it since everything else they do now is very different which is a shame. 
Dress- Diva Catwalk
Shoes- Ebay
Sunglasses- Bought from Twinwood

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x Rebecca

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  1. Haha, this is brilliant! That swan is huge! I would've been out of their in a flash! I love your dress too, such a gorgeous colour! xxx


  2. Wow you look stunning beyond words! The style of the dress suits you down to a tee!

  3. So beautiful and romantic! Love this so much, you look beautiful <3 Alex


  4. Oh, swans are nasty! They're aggressive and mean! I've tried to feed them before and I winded up running away to the car with them chasing me!

    You look so pretty! It's no wonder you'd save that dress from fire :)

    Life of Mabel

  5. These photos with the swans are simply gorgeous girl! And that dress is really stunning! Beautiful photos!

  6. Luuuuurving this dress, and you look gorgeous! And swans are pretty but are such nasty creatures! Kudos to you for taking these by yourself, hehe. I often think what dress I'd save in a fire... I'd have to grab an arm-full, I think!

    xox Sammi

  7. Wow your brave, swans can be really scary and dangerous! Awesome shots though :)

  8. Oh your dress is so cute! Love it, and swans, all is so lovely!

  9. You're so brave - I'm terrified of swans! I never have good experiences with them or geese. You look lovely though and your hair is gorgeous like this! :)

    Chloe. x

  10. Such amazing photos! Haha, I too am scared of Swans though, the ones round here are little feisty cow bags.
    The dress is stunning and the photos look so dreamy xx


  11. Eeek - I always think of swans being graceful and calm but that is one angry looking swan! I can see why this is your fave dress. Love the satin fabric and you totally own that silhouette! That's fab that you found a vintage car to go with the outfit. Reminds me of my final year collection of photographs (don't know if you remember?)
    Glad to get back to the blogging world after a little break! xx

  12. That dress is just absolute perfection, amazing!




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