29 Sep 2013

*Mushroom Magic*

Sometimes there comes along a dress that as soon as you see it you just know you have it in your life. While I was working at Cath Kidston the Autumn/Winter Lookbook arrived way, way back in early Summer and they introduced the 'Mushroom' print.  I was simply in love with it as a print from the word go. Now it's not everyone's taste and I will admit that, but if you're like me and love a good quirky print then this print is the epitome of quirky. The colours, the design, even the placement of  the mushrooms it's just rather fantastic. I was simply gutted when work were informed that we weren't receiving it in our fashion section (which was my section of course!). I do in fact remember kicking off a little as I was seriously looking forward to it. Just as I predicted as soon as it hit stores and online the dress sold out almost immediately. Alas the mushroom dress was never to be mine. 
On my last day of working at Cath Kidston my incredible team surprised me with my leaving gift which was- lo and behold- the mushroom dress! And my store manager also got me the matching cup and saucer. I was simply over-the-moon with them. 

What I love about this dress has to be the fabric, I'm not quite sure what its exact components are but it's a heavy cotton with an almost tapestry feel to it. What's great is that the quality is lovely and thick enough that you don't have to wear a slip underneath and the length of it is just perfect.

27 Sep 2013

Colour me scarlet

Just when I thought it was all over for Summer, Thursday brought us a glimpse of some lovely sunshine. I woke up that morning giddy like a schoolgirl thinking, 'I don't have to wear boots today!' and it was lovely and dry enough to wear my favourite heels. I borrowed this dress from Jon's Mummy that day and I've always adored it. Red is my signature colour and is definitely my go-to colour that always makes me feel fantastic and confident for the day. 
You know what I don't have enough of? Shirt dresses! They are some of the most comfortable style of dresses to wear and especially with a belt they can do wonders for your body shape if you're a pear like me. I was so pleased that I got to bring out my lace parasol once again, it really has been my favourite accessory I bought this Summer. 

25 Sep 2013

Ballerina Apple

I'm back! it's been a crazy week or so and I just haven't had a moment to stop and really give The Cinnamon Slipper my full attention. It's trickier now we're officially in Autumn and as the window of when I usually photograph my outfits in the evening has been cut short now as it's darker sooner. I'm also just in the process of starting my new part-time job and I had been training on and off for the past week or so. 

It was a really emotional decision to leave Cath Kidston as I simply loved working there and I was extremely lucky to of worked with most amazing team of people. I can honestly say that that team really are like my additional family. I felt so incredibly loved and truly touched by all the gifts, cupcakes, cakes, presents and cards they gave me when I left. Now i'll be working longer shifts I'm just figuring out how to work and take outfit shots on my lunch break. After reading Carrie's and Elizabeth's recents posts about how to blog with a 9-5 job has really helped.

The timing of this dress from Mod Dolly couldn't of arrived at a better time. I was going through that whole Summertime Sadness thing and virtually everything in my wardrobe that day was just looking a bit dull and I was feeling seriously uninspired. When this came through the door I was simply over the moon with the tropical flower print. The colours of this dress are perfect and versatile enough that you can wear it in both Summer with sandals and in Winter time with opaque tights and boots. I adore floral prints and so many dresses that I have aren't really suitable for Autumn time. I teamed this with my ballerina embroidered cardigan that I picked up at Camden Market. 

Dress- Mod Dolly (Now on sale!)
Boots- Office
Cardigan- Camden Market
Bag- Vintage

Don't worry I hopefully I won't be going away again like I have this past week, I've just got to get used to some sort of work- blogging routine. I'm also re-reading 'The Secret' again for the 4th time which has really inspired and motivated me once again to follow and pursue my dreams. Have any of you read it? I'd love to know your thoughts on it. It really is such an incredible book and I'm ready to focus more on my goals and really ready get the ball rolling again.

x Rebecca

16 Sep 2013

It started with a kiss

It's been a quiet week here and if i'm being honest it's been my lack of inspiration. I really am not feeling this new weather, it's come out of nowhere and I've been so unprepared! Not wanting to take a trip to negative town but I really don't like the colder months. I was discussing this other day with Paige and I just HATE everything in my winter wardrobe, or lack thereof. I forgot until the other day that I got rid of the majority of my winter clothes at a boot fair over the summer! Woops! Never mind, my winter wardrobe woes were put to bed when my brand new Coco Fennell dress arrived. 

I can't remember who but another girl I follow on Instagram shared a picture of her wearing this dress and I just knew I had to have it right away! The embroidered lipstick mark on the collar simply called out to me and I was over the moon when I discovered it was on sale and I nabbed the last one in my size. This dress has a Wednesday Addams vibe and the colours and style are simply perfect for this weather which right now has been raining non stop...the black opaque tights are back on!
I had never seen or heard of Coco Fennell before- where have I been? But I am now converted and already have my eye on the next dress I want from her Autumn/ Winter collection.

9 Sep 2013

Sunflower Toil

Saturday was one of those days when it officially felt like Summer was really drawing to an end. The air was a little chilled and it really wasn't the day to wear a summer tea dress. It was an exciting day from the moment the new Alexa Chung book arrived through my letterbox. (Which by the way is cheap cheap cheap on Amazon at the moment at only £11! ). I have been looking forward to It for ages and it really didn't disappoint. If you're an Alexa fan such as myself it's a really lovely read, it's full of lots of her own drawings, photographs and musings. What I really love about her style is the complete effortlessness of it and her ability to look beautiful so naturally. It is a very quick read, in fact I sat on my bed the moment it arrived and was done within the hour. I only wished it was longer and told us more! After reading it I really was inspired that day to go for one of my more relaxed, casual outfits and to opt for little makeup.

Alexa Chung is quite infamous for wearing flats in the fashion world which is also something I adore her for. There are some days when my feet really cannot tolerate another day of wearing heels and wearing flats or sneakers is the only option. The Fashion world encourages us to fight through the pain and argues 'fashion is never comfortable'.  I have come to learn that idea is really rather ridiculous. I love wearing heels which particular outfits as the glamour, the height, the look and boost they give you is fantastic but on this particular day we were off to the Football at Ebbsfleet (come on Ebbsfleet!) and I didn't think rocking up in heels wasn't entirely appropriate! I haven't worn these in months and completely forgot I had them! I haven't been able to afford the Charlotte Olympia real deals so for the time being these will have to do.

Blouse- Topshop
Dress- Newlook
Pumps- Missguided
Satchel- Camden Market

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