25 Sep 2013

Ballerina Apple

I'm back! it's been a crazy week or so and I just haven't had a moment to stop and really give The Cinnamon Slipper my full attention. It's trickier now we're officially in Autumn and as the window of when I usually photograph my outfits in the evening has been cut short now as it's darker sooner. I'm also just in the process of starting my new part-time job and I had been training on and off for the past week or so. 

It was a really emotional decision to leave Cath Kidston as I simply loved working there and I was extremely lucky to of worked with most amazing team of people. I can honestly say that that team really are like my additional family. I felt so incredibly loved and truly touched by all the gifts, cupcakes, cakes, presents and cards they gave me when I left. Now i'll be working longer shifts I'm just figuring out how to work and take outfit shots on my lunch break. After reading Carrie's and Elizabeth's recents posts about how to blog with a 9-5 job has really helped.

The timing of this dress from Mod Dolly couldn't of arrived at a better time. I was going through that whole Summertime Sadness thing and virtually everything in my wardrobe that day was just looking a bit dull and I was feeling seriously uninspired. When this came through the door I was simply over the moon with the tropical flower print. The colours of this dress are perfect and versatile enough that you can wear it in both Summer with sandals and in Winter time with opaque tights and boots. I adore floral prints and so many dresses that I have aren't really suitable for Autumn time. I teamed this with my ballerina embroidered cardigan that I picked up at Camden Market. 

Dress- Mod Dolly (Now on sale!)
Boots- Office
Cardigan- Camden Market
Bag- Vintage

Don't worry I hopefully I won't be going away again like I have this past week, I've just got to get used to some sort of work- blogging routine. I'm also re-reading 'The Secret' again for the 4th time which has really inspired and motivated me once again to follow and pursue my dreams. Have any of you read it? I'd love to know your thoughts on it. It really is such an incredible book and I'm ready to focus more on my goals and really ready get the ball rolling again.

x Rebecca


  1. You look lovely Rebecca! That dress is beautiful! I hope your new job is going well! x


  2. You look gorgeous in this dress! So perfect for autumn.

  3. Glad to see your back Rebecca :) Good luck with your new job and finding a rhythm for blogging :) x

  4. the dress is so cute!

    abi x


  5. Love that dress with your adorable cardi! Alex


  6. So glad you're back! It's hard to find time for blogging. I understand.

    Anyway, this dress is so gorgeous. I love the print. It looks so pretty on you!

  7. I totally get you! The change of seasons can really put things out of whack when it comes to taking blog photos. In Australia it's come into summer, so it's REALLY bright (our sun here for some reason is MUCH stronger than in Europe) so by 9am the sun is far too bright for blog photos. Hope you manage to get the hang of things soon! I am loving your hair and the autumn colors in these photos, so lovely :)

  8. Your dress is seriously beautiful! And I love the ballerina detail on your cardigan <3

    Lost in the Haze

  9. ah your posts always give me so many ideas! firstly, may I just say you look BEAUTIFUL! secondly - that dress is SO suitable for autumn, thinking about the color scheme :) and lastly - I love the Secret! it's the most inspiring book there ever is! :) Good luck with this new routine xo



  10. You look so cute <3 (: This dress is to die for !

  11. That dress fits you like a dream! So lovely :)

  12. Love your vintage looks



  13. You look so adorable! :) I love your makeup and hair, but the dress is pretty too! :)


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