27 Sep 2013

Colour me scarlet

Just when I thought it was all over for Summer, Thursday brought us a glimpse of some lovely sunshine. I woke up that morning giddy like a schoolgirl thinking, 'I don't have to wear boots today!' and it was lovely and dry enough to wear my favourite heels. I borrowed this dress from Jon's Mummy that day and I've always adored it. Red is my signature colour and is definitely my go-to colour that always makes me feel fantastic and confident for the day. 
You know what I don't have enough of? Shirt dresses! They are some of the most comfortable style of dresses to wear and especially with a belt they can do wonders for your body shape if you're a pear like me. I was so pleased that I got to bring out my lace parasol once again, it really has been my favourite accessory I bought this Summer. 


  1. You look beautiful Rebecca, that dress is gorgeous! And your little parasol is so pretty too! x


  2. Nice dress and love the parasol :)

  3. I am having SERIOUS outfit envy! That dress is perfect in every way, and ohhhh those shoes are the most adorable :3

  4. Everything in this outfit is perfect! I love red so much too. That shirtdress is so perfect for the weather here. ♥

  5. Everything in this outfit is perfect! I love red so much too. That shirtdress is so perfect for the weather here. ♥

  6. SO prettyyyyy! Red is definitely your color, and this dress is lovely. I can't tell what the pattern is, but I love it. And the parasol is perfect! I still need one... but now it seems silly until it's spring again. Beauty!

    xox Sammi

  7. I love this outfit. Feels like a step back to mid century. Lovely.


    Where the Water Meets the Sky

  8. You are so, so gorgeous Rebecca! Love the umbrella and those shoessss - adorable!

  9. Shirt dresses are always great. You look so adorable and classic here! I love the parasol you're carrying in these pictures too. You look so happy in these pictures. I love it!

  10. Your smile is so lovely in those last couple of photos.

    Gorgeous dress!

    Hmm maybe...


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